Health Portal Service

Health Portal Service

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Health Portal is a Utility service which will enable the Digicel customers in Vanuatu to get the best of health and hygiene information via the Health Portal Service.

This service comprises of different sections with content tailored accordingly for different users.

Women’s Health: To help women users with information such as feminine hygiene, sexual health, skincare, haircare etc.

Men’s Health: To help mean maintain better hygiene, skincare, sexual health etc.

Disease Prevention and Management:

Includes information on common lifestyle diseases to help prevent them and also manage them, such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac issues, obesity, etc.

Lifestyle: This section will include information on diet plans, weight management, dental care, hygiene practices etc.

General Health: Information on topics such as how to give first aid, health awareness as per region.

1.    What is Health Portal Service?
HEALTH PORTAL SERVICE is an online App enables users Vanuatu to get the best of health and hygiene information at any point of time.

2.    How do I subscribe to HEALTH PORTAL SERVICE?
You can directly download the Health Portal app from Play Store. Download and install the app, confirm your subscription and get access to different types of Health tips. Note the service will be free for the first 2 weeks which means no subscription fee of 20VT per day will be applied however you will need to have an active Data Plan.

When confirmed you will receive two (2) response SMS:

  • Welcome Message with details of the service;
  • The link to portal in order to start enjoying the service.

Sample SMS shown below:

Subscription FRI Trial blo yu blo Healthcare Service hemi aktif naoia. Click lo link blo improvem awareness blo Health mo Fitness blo yu, http://healthcareapp.digicelvanuatu.
Renewal Healthcare Service blo yu hemi bin Successfully riniu. Click lo link blo aksesem naoia, Blo kamaot textem Stop lo 1443.

3.    How much will I be charged?
Daily subscription to HEALTH PORTAL SERVICE after the FREE trial finishes will be charged at 20VT per day.

4.    Do we need Data to access the HealthCare App?
To be able to access and browse information you will need to have:

  • An active subscription (After the trial ends)
  • Active Data plan

5.    What happens when I don’t have credit and I subscribe to HEALTH PORTAL SERVICE?
You will be able to subscribe to HEALTH PORTAL SERVICE during the FREE Trial period however once the trial ends you won’t be able to subscribe with insufficient credit. An automated SMS will be received while subscribing with insufficient credit: “Sorry you have insufficient credit to subscribe to HEALTH PORTAL SERVICE. Please Top up and try again later. Thank you!”

6.    How can I cancel my subscription?
You can directly unsub within the app by selecting Settings and Cancel Subscription or Text “Stop” to short code 1443. You will receive the sample SMS as below:

Unsub Yu bin successfully kamaot lo Healthcare Service sevis. Blo join bagagen, textem Health lo 1443.

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Health Portal Service