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Digicel Riwods

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Get Rewarded for your Top Up

With Digicel Riwods, you will be get points in real time for each Top Up event plus Bonus points at the end of each month based on their age on network. You can use these points to redeem for rewards.

Top Up Tier Average Top Up Range VT Points
1 1 to 199 1 point for each VT spent
2 200 to 499 1 point for each VT spent
3 500 to 999 1 point for each VT spent
4 1000 to 1499 1 point for each VT spent
5 1500 to 1999 1 point for each VT spent
6 2000+ 1 point for each VT spent

End of Month Bonus Points
< 6 months >= 6 months < 1 year >= 1 year < 2 years >= 2 years < 4 years >= 4 years
0 0 0 0 0 0
1 to 199 50 80 110 140 170
200 to 499 200 230 260 290 320
500 to 999 500 530 560 590 620
1000 to 1499 1000 1030 1060 1090 1120
1500 to 1999 1500 1530 1560 1590 1620
2000+ 2200 2250 2300 2350 2500

Awesome Riwods

Telco Rewards

Low Cap Validity Points Needed
On-net Minutes 15 2 hours 1000
On-net SMS 50 2 hours 1000
Data 50 2 hours 1000
Medium Cap Validity Points Needed
On-net Minutes 40 24 hrs 3000
On-net SMS 100 24 hrs 3000
Data 100 24 hrs 3000
High Cap Validity Points Needed
D Music 1Gb 2 days 7000
PlayGo 1GB 2 days 7000
On-net SMS 200 2 days 7000
Data 200 2 days 7000


Type of Reward Points Needed
Handsets Depends on type of Handset
Tshirts 20,000pts
Lanyards 3000pts
String bags 5000pts

*Based on stock availability at date of redemption

Digicel TV

Type of Reward Points Needed
Depends on handset Type   
String bags   
Depends on Accessories type    

1.    What is ‘age on network’ and how do I get points based on that?
Age on network is the amount of time (years) you have spent being Digicel’s customers. The Age begins when the Digicel phone number was activated. Each Digicel phone number will have a different Age on Network.

At the end of month, additional points will be allocated based on your age on network and the amount of top up you do in the month.

2.    I am a postpaid customer, will I get points too?
Digicel Riwods is open to prepaid customers only.

3.    How will customers know if they have received points upon top up?
Instant points to be rewarded upon each top up activity. Customer will receive a trigger message to be informed of the same.

4.    How can customers check their points?
Customers can dial *555# and select option 4 ‘Digicel Riwods’ to check their points total and to redeem any rewards.

5.    What are the rewards that can be redeemed with the points I have?
The schedule of rewards will change without notice. Rewards will be refreshed and new rewards will be added based on Digicel’s discretion.

Collateral rewards is based on stock availability at the time of redemption.

6.    How can customers redeem rewards?
To redeem rewards dial *555# and also on My Digicel App. Redeem rewards on USSD

7.    Do I need to have 100% of points in my Points Account, so I can redeem a reward?
Yes. A person needs to have sufficient points in their accounts to redeem the reward. E.g. if customer wishes to redeem a reward that requires 5000 points, they need 5000 or more points in their account. If the customer does not have enough points, they will not be able to redeem the reward.

8.    How can I redeem for Collateral rewards?
Collateral rewards redemption can only be done from within a Digicel retail store or Kiosk. To redeem collateral rewards the customer needs to be physically present at any of the authorized outlets with their Digicel phone and SIM which has sufficient points for point redemption. Authorized outlets for collateral redemption are as follows:

  • Digicel HQ Retail- Elluk
  • Digicel Numba1 Retail Store- Port Vila
  • Digicel Numbatu Retail Store- Port Vila
  • Digicel Retail Store- Santo
  • Digicel Kiosk- Malekula
  • Digicel Kiosk- Tanna

9.    Can I return the reward I choose to get my points back?
Once a reward has been selected, the required points will be deducted from your Digicel Riwods account. You will not be able to return the reward after that.

10.    When can redemption take place? Do I need to use up all my points every month?
You can use your points whenever you like, however the points need to be used within 12 months of when you received them. Unused points will rollover to the next month (for a year only).

11.    Will my points expire?
Your points will expire in two scenarios:

  • If you cease to be an active Digicel customers. If you have Digicel Riwods points in your account but remain inactive for more than 3 months, your account will expire or get deactivated. Any unused points will be forfeited. Customers will be notified by SMS and/or calls before this happens.
  • Unused points which are 12 months old will be expired. Age of the points will be calculated from the date when points are awarded to the customer. Customers will be notified by SMS and/or calls before this happens.

12.    What do I need to do to be an active Digicel customer?
To be an active Digicel customer you will need to:

  • Top up your Digicel number regularly,
  • Use your real credit to make calls, send SMS, use data or to opt into any Digicel plans. This activity needs to happen at least once in the month.

13.    If my account gets deactivated and I get another Digicel SIM, can I transfer my points to my new number?
No. Points are not transferable. Each Digicel number will accumulate points specific to that number.

14.    If my account gets de-activated and I arrange to get the same number reactivated, what will happen to my points?
Your will only get deactivated, if you become an inactive customer and do no chargeable event and/or top up for the last 3 months. This is violating the rules of Digicel Riwods. After deactivation even if you are able to re-connect with your old Digicel number, your old unused Riwods points will not be transferred. Also, your age on network will be reset upon deactivation.

15.    I have two Digicel SIMs, can I combine points to redeem for rewards?
No. Each Digicel number will accumulate points specific to that number only.

16.    I am a Digicel customer but have changed my phone number, SIMs over the years. What would be my age on network?
Each Digicel number will have a separate activation date and thus age on network.


  • Open to prepaid customers only.
  • Any form of top up is applicable to gain points including cards, electronic, online, diaspora, MDA, Banks.
  • Receiving real credit or ABM via Credit U/Me, Credit transfer and Credit Advance service usage will not award points as they are not considered to be a top up.
  • Points cannot be transferred to, shared between or pulled between different accounts. Each account will have their own points accounts.
  • Unused points will rollover every month for active customers. If an account does not have any chargeable incoming and outgoing chargeable activity for more than 3 months, they will be deactivated and all unused points will be lost.
  • Telco rewards can be redeemed at any time. Rewards will be attached to the accounts automatically. Customers will receive a trigger message or each successful or unsuccessful redemption.
  • Telco rewards have specified caps and validity. Out of bundle charges will apply for minutes and SMS and any unused value not used before the expiry will be lost.
  • Collateral rewards can only be redeemed at selected Authorized outlets only. A sales personnel is required to complete the redemption of a collateral reward.
  • Redemption of rewards will deduct the required points from the account. Redeemed rewards cannot be returned.
  • All unused points will expire in 1 years. Points use will be based on FIFO system.

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