Top Up and WIN

Top Up and WIN

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Top Up & WIN

Customers top up 200VT or more to enter draw to win part of 500,000VT worth of Farming tools. All top up methods are eligible. This includes top up done via, cards, Emida (P2P normally found with resellers), Telepin (P2P channel in Digicel store and with the Digicel sales teams), Diaspora (top up done from Australia/NZ), online top up (top up done via the Digicel website) and MDA top up (top up done from MyDigicel app).

Draw dates Prize 5 Winners
15th Sept 20,000VT worth of Farming tools x12
Draw dates
15th Sept
20,000VT worth of Farming tools
5 Winners
6th October 20,000VT worth of Farming tools x13
Draw dates
6th October
20,000VT worth of Farming tools
5 Winners

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Are there any other prizes?
No, only cash prizes

2.    How many times do I have to top up?
No limit to the number of top up. The more top up the more chance to win.

3.    If I receive a credit transfer, will I be in the draw?
Credit transfers done via *128# or through MDA credit transfer does not qualify as top up.

4.    What happens if a customer from other islands in Vanuatu wins?

  • Winners will be contacted and Voucher will be given to any relative of the winner for them to do the shopping and ship it to the island
  • Prizes are available as is where is. This means that if a customer wins one of the prizes but they are in one of the other islands they will have to take care of the shipping expenses.

5.    Is accumulative top up applied to this promotion?

  • No, promotion does not apply to accumulative top up. Top up must be of 200VT or more in a single top up transaction. E.g. if you top up by 100VT two times, you will not enter the draw.

6.    When is the draw?

  • Draws will be done twice as per above table
  • Winners will be posted on Social Media and Press.

7.    How will customer be notified they have entered?
Yes, a message will be updated for all top up done to inform customer their number has entered the draw.

Trigger Messages

When customer top up less than 200VT below Bislama trigger to be received;

Yu wantem kam wan laki Wina? Jes topap blo 200VT o MOA blo enta dro blo WINIM pat blo 500,000VT worth of Farming tools lo Agriculture Suppliers.

When customer top up by 200vt or more;

Congratulations! Namba blo yu emi sta lo dro blo WINIM pat blo 500,000VT worth of farming tools lo Agriculture Suppliers. Promotion ends 5 October.

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Top Up and WIN