Supa Mini 12

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Supa Mini 12

Digicel is launching a brand new TV plan. This is a Basic TV plan with 12 channels for 30 days.

1.    What are the channels on this plan?

  • ESPN
  • Fight Sports
  • Lifetime
  • BAM
  • Daystar
  • Love Nature
  • Comedy Central
  • Discovery
  • AXN
  • NHK
  • Nicklodeon

2.    Who can sign up for this plan?
This plan is open for new customers only for now. Existing customers can convert to this plan upon approval.

3.    How to subscribe to this plan?
Customers can subscribe to this plan when they sign up at retail or a customer can use USSD *515# .

4.    How is it different from the 5000vt plan?
This is basic 30 days plan for VT3, 000 and you get 12 channels but the VT5, 000 plan is the premium plan for 30 days and you get 25 channels

5.    If I have subscribe to the VT5000 Plan, can I subscribe to this plan?
No. Prior approval is required to make the switch unless the plan to offered directly to customers as a promotional offer.

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Supa Mini 12