Mifi - Unlimited Data

Mifi - Unlimited Data

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Get Unlimited Data with the new Mifi Plan

This promotion is applicable to all HUAWEI MIFI DEVICES ONLY Until stock last. For those the Huawei Mifi device at 5,500VT will get Unlimited Data Plan (capped at 50GB) valid 14 days upon purchase of the 10GB Mifi plan at 4,500VT.

Bundle Name Data Allowance Validity Renewal
Mifi Unlimited Offer Unlimited Data – 50GB 14 Days upon Activation No
Bundle Name
Mifi Unlimited Offer
Data Allowance
Unlimited Data – 50GB
14 Days upon Activation

1.    How can I get this unlimited data plan?
To be eligible to get the Unlimited Data plan customer MUST purchase a new Huawei Mifi Device at the cost of 5,500VT and MUST purchase the 10GB Mifi plan at 4,500VT to receive Free Unlimited Data Bundle capped at 50GB valid 14 days.

2.    How many times is the Unlimited data plan available per customer?
Once only per customer per New Activation. If customer purchase the 10GB plan again the second time, he/she will not get that Unlimited plan anymore. It only applies ONCE.

3.    What happens if I don’t purchase the 10GB plan after activation of my new Huawei Mifi SIM/Device?
If I don’t purchase the 10GB Mifi plan at 4,500vt straight away, I am still eligible for this plan. But since it’s a new activation, I will get my normal 1GB data bundle (current new activation offer) and later on, once I purchase the 10GB plan at 4,500VT, I will receive my Unlimited Data bundle (50GB) valid 14days.

4.    What happens after 14 days after I received my unlimited data plan upon purchase of the 10GB plan?
Once you reach the 14th day, your unlimited data plan expires. Data remaining will be the 10GB data bundle or left over if used as it is valid 30 days.

5.    If I purchase any mifi data plan after expiry of my Unlimited data plan, will unused data from my unlimited data plan if any roll-over?
No, once unlimited data bundle expire it is removed from the system. No roll-over applies.

6.    What Data plan will first be consumed if the new Huawei Mifi customer purchase the 10GB plan at 4,500VT?
Unlimited data capped at 50GB will first be consumed since it’s only valid for 14days followed by the 10GB plan which is valid for 30days.

7.    What happens when Unlimited data expires?
Unlimited data expiry message after 14 days:
* Your Unlimited Data has expired. Visit My Digicel App or click https://bit.ly/1o2uCAX to buy a new Mifi Data plan. 

8.    What happens if I use up 80% and 90% of my Unlimited Data Bundle?

  • 80% data trigger notification
    * You have used 80% of your Mifi data bundle. To buy a plan go to My Digicel App or click here https://mydigicel.digicelgroup.com/myPlans.

  • 90% data trigger notification
    * You have used 90% of your Mifi data bundle. To buy a plan go to My Digicel App or click here https://mydigicel.digicelgroup.com/myPlans
  • Standard prepaid terms apply.
  • Customer has to purchase Huawei Mi-fi for 5500 VT and same time buy Mi-fi Recharge for the new Data SIM for 4500 VT i.e. Total bundle price of 10000 VT.
  • Unlimited first 14 days is a limited period offer and may be withdrawn at any given time without prior intimation or till stock lasts.
  • Above offer is applicable only once per new purchase. ( Mi-Fi  for 5500 VT+ First top up of 4500 VT)
  • Fair usage policy governs unlimited First 14 days offer with maximum usage (up/down) capes at 50 GB  and is for non-commercial use and may not be used in a way that will impact overall network quality.
  • First 14 days unlimited offer starts from purchase date and will expire on 14th day of activation at mid-night and any unused data will not rollover.
  • Data / usage under this offer is only valid in home network i.e. while on Digicel Vanuatu network.
  • 10 GB Standard Mi-Fi data is valid for 30 days.

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Mifi - Unlimited Data