Hero handset Offer-Alcatel 1

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Hero handset Offer - Alcatel 1

Purchase a new Alcatel 1 smartphone and get 10GB data bundle. This is 2.5GB data bundle over 4 months. Promotion applies to New Activation and Existing SIM.

  1.     How long is the 2.5GB valid for?
    Validity is 7 days.

  2.     How to get the 10GB Data bundle?
    Customer buy Hero handset Alcatel 1 smartphone at 6,900VT and must make a top up of 200VT or more to trigger the 2.5GB data bundle valid 7 days.

  3.     Where can I purchase the Hero handset Alcatel 1?
    Customer visit Digicel stores, Kiosk in Vila or Santo or check the Direct Sales Team.

  4.     Can i do accumulative top up to get the bundle?
    No, top up must be a single transaction of 200vt or more to get the bundle. Accumulative top up does not apply.

    Terms and Conditions

·         Customer purchase LTE handset Alcatel 1 at 6,900Vt and get 10GB data

·         10GB is allocated into a share of 2.5GB over 4 months

·         2.5GB data bundle is valid 7 days

·         Offer applies to new and existing SIM

·         Top up of 200Vt or more is required to activate the 2.5GB data bundle

·         Accumulative top up does not apply

·         2.5GB data bundle distribution is following calendar month

·         Data bundle will rollover to new month if not fully used and if still active

·         Offer applies to Alcatel 1 handset and may differ to other handset/ tablet offers

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Hero handset Offer-Alcatel 1