Fridom Plans

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Fridom Plans

This is our new All In One plans called Fridom Plans that we are offering to our customers to give them better value for the money. Why Fridom? Because plans are not whitelisted and any Prepaid customers can sign up to the plans (excluding data/router users).

What are the new Fridom plans?
See table below for details. Plans are for only 30VT and 50VT

Customers dial *555# or visit MyDigicel App to purchase the plans. USSD menu for *555# as per below. Customer to select Option 3 for Fridom Plans

Welcome to Digicel Menu

1 - Plans for YU

2 - Data Plans

3 - Fridom Plans

4 - All In One

5 - Roaming

6 - PlayGo & d'Music

7 - Others

8 - Opt Out

Plan Name Price (VT) Mins SMS Data (MB) Validity
Fridom - 30VT 30 30 30 30 1 hr
Plan Name
Fridom - 30VT
Price (VT)
Data (MB)
1 hr
Fridom - 50VT 50 25 50 50 3 hrs
Plan Name
Fridom - 50VT
Price (VT)
Data (MB)
3 hrs
  1. Will the current (old) All In One plans remain?
    Yes, current AIO plans will remain. Whitelist will remain and customer will have access to Fridom plans as well for purchase.

  2. Are the plans on Auto renew?
    Yes, before purchasing the plans, you will be asked to choose between BUY and BUY with Auto-renew option.

  3. What happens if I purchase plan with Auto-Renew option?
    If you purchase plan with Auto Renew Option, your plan will auto-renew on expiry. You will be notified on this with message below and any left-over bundle will roll-over to the new subscription

  4. FRIDOM 30VT: Auto-Renew Trigger
    Your Fridom 30VT plan has successfully renewed. You have been charged 30vt. Bundles will auto-renew after 1 hr. To opt out dial *555# and select Opt Out option.

  5. FRIDOM 50VT: Auto-Renew Trigger
    Your Fridom 50VT plan has successfully renewed. You have been charged 50vt. Bundles will auto-renew after 3 hrs. To opt out dial *555# and select Opt Out optin.

  6. Can I sign up to any of the 2 Fridom plans above?
    Yes as long as you have sufficient credit on your balance E.g. you can sign up to the 30vt plan valid for 1hr and then sign up again to the 50vt plan valid 3hrs. all bundles will be received.

  7. Can I call or text any number and network with my free minutes and free SMS?
    No. The free minutes and SMS can be used to call and text Digicel Vanuatu numbers only. That is on-net minutes and SMS referring to Digicel to Digicel minutes and SMS.

  8. Can I browse any website with my free data?
    Yes you can browse any website or watch PlayGo with your free data bundle received.

  9. Is multiple opt-in/re purchase allowed?
    Yes customer can purchase any of the plans as many times as they wish as long as they have sufficient credit on their balance.

  10. If customer sign up to 2 different plans, will the bundle minutes & sms awarded in 1 bundle?
    No, when customer sign up to 2 different Fridom AIO plans, separate bundle mins sms and data will be received and both will have 2 different expiry date & time.

  11. What are the Terms & Conditions of the Fridom Plans?
     Applicable to all Digicel Prepaid customers only
     Customer dial *555# and select Option 3 for Fridom Plans to purchase the plans
     Plans bundle allocation give minutes , SMS and data
     Expiry is set at 1 hour for the 30VT plan and 3 hours for the 50VT plan
     Plans are on auto-renew if this option is chosen on opt-in
     Messages will be sent to customer on successful opt-ins, expiry of plan and on auto-renewals
     Customer may opt-out by dialing *555# and select Option 10 for Opt-out
     On Buy with auto-Renew Option, roll-over of unused minutes, sms and data bundles apply
     On Buy Option, roll-over of unused minutes, sms and data does not apply when plan is repurchased after bundle is expired
     On BUY Option, roll-over of unused minutes, sms and data applies when bundle is repurchased before it expires

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Fridom Plans