Digicel On Worries Off

Digicel On Worries Off

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Digicel On Worry Off

Digicel On Worry Off is simply a new way to prompt our customers and to give them the experience of having to browse the internet freely, upload pictures, download video and stream music without worrying about outrageous data charges.

To help our customers so that they do not have to worry about ‘losing credit’ – we have implemented a system whereby we prompt our customers with two options:

  1.     To use their existing credit on browsing the internet OR
  2.     To Re-purchase a data plan

This will help customer monitor their data usage.  Note that the ‘out of bundle’ charge is 25c per Mb.

1.     When will this take effect in Vanuatu?
From Monday, 19th March 2018

2.     How does it works?
There are two options provided for customer to choose when customers’ data bundle expires. These options will be visible to them on a web landing page and from this webpage they will have the option of how to continue their data browsing experience.

  •     Option 1: Customer is advised to purchase a bundle by simply logging in to My Digicel App web link at zero cost (free of charge).
    – when the customer selects option 1 they are redirected to My Digicel App, ‘Plan Section’ via link https://myDigicel.digicelgroup.com/myplans
    Customer is then presented with ALL the available Data Plans and prices.
  • Option 2: Customer is advised to continue browsing out of bundle. In other words, customers will be charged with their credit if they still continue to browse the web.
    – when the customer selects option 2, an SMS will be sent to them such as this:  You have selected to browse from your real credit for 24hours. Dial *123# and select Opt out from credit browsing”

3.     How does Digicel on Worry Off benefit Digicel customers?
Digicel customers will be prompted with their data usage and presented with the opportunity to choose whether they wish to be charged ‘out of bundle rate’ or re-purchase more data plans from My Digicel App.

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Digicel On Worries Off