Diaspora MDA Top Up

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Diaspora MDA Top Up

This Diaspora top up, online top up and MDA top up promotion is to encourage customers to top up via non-traditional methods, a top up promotion of a top up by US$20, AUD$20 or NZD$20 as a minimum and will award the top up receiving number with 500MB data valid for 24hrs.

1.    What is the promotion threshold?
The promotion threshold $20 is originating currency or 1,300VT in local currency.

2.    If the top up amount is less than the threshold amount, will the customer receives the free award?
No, if the top up amount is less than the threshold amount which is 1,300VT then they will not receive the award.

3.    What are the top up methods?
The top up methods are as follows;

  • Diaspora (from Australia and New Zealand)
  • Online top up (Ezetop)
  • Top up through MDA using debit or credit card

Note: if the customer top up using other top up method such as cards, EVD they will not be awarded with the free data.

4.    What is the validity of the free data?
The free data of 500MB valids for 24hrs only.

5.    Is data rollover applies to the free data?
Yes, data rollover applies to the free data as long as the customer meets the minimum threshold e.g. customer tops up by 1300VT on the 1st at 7am and receives the 500MB data. At 5pm, the same local number receives another top up of 1300VT top up. Customer will receive another 500MB valid 24hrs.

6.    Will the customer know that they have been awarded with the free data?
Yes, and SMS should be triggered as soon as they receive the top up. Woohoo! Your top up with free 500MB data has been applied. Free data expires in 24 hrs. Dial *555# to opt into an Awesome All in One or Data plan now. Enjoy!

Note: When the customer receives top up less than the threshold amount they will be notified by below SMS that they have missed out on the free data award;
You just missed out on 500MB free data. Top up by $20 or 1300VT or more and get free 500MB data valid for 24 hrs.

7.    How will the promotion will be advertised?

  • Social media
  • T2B
  • Radio

For any feedbacks or queries, please email VU_Marketing@digicelgroup.com or see the Marketing Team.

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Diaspora MDA Top Up