Christmas Offers

Christmas Offers

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Light It Up This Christmas

The festive season is all about family no matter where you are, we encourage you to tap on friends and family and check in on them. At Digicel we are constantly reuniting families around Fiji and the rest of the world, strengthening relationships and family ties.

FREE 5GB Data bundle

Customer purchase an Alcatel A1 or Samsung J2 Core Smartphone and get FREE 5GB Data bundle valid 30 days for PlayGo and d’Music.

1.    What is the cost of the Alcatel A1 and Samsung J2 Core?
Alcatel A1 cost 6,900VT and J2 Core 13,500VT.

2.    How will customer receive their 5GB data bundle?
Customer must purchase the eligible handset to get the free 5GB data bundle. A free SIM will come with the phone. The free 5GB will be added to the customer account to browse d’Music and PlayGo.

3.    Can customer browse any other website with the 5GB?
No the 5GB data bundle is blocked and can be used to stream PlayGo and d’Music ONLY.
On PlayGo customer can use the 5GB to stream and watch all 15 PlayGo Premium channels.
On d’Music, customer will be able to listen and download music in the d’Music app.

4.    What PlayGo Channels can I stream using the free 5GB data bundle?
Customer will be able to view all 15 PlayGo Premium channels as per below.

11 CCTV4 (Chinese Channel)
12 CCTV15 (Chinese Channel)
13 CCTV2 (Chinese Channel)
14 CCTV11 (Chinese Channel)

5.    Can the 5GB data bundle be added to a customer existing SIM?
Yes bundle of 5GB can be added to an existing MSISDN as long as customer purchase the eligible handset to qualify for the 5GB free data for PlayGo & d’Music

6.    How long is the 5GB valid for?
5GB data plan is valid for 30 days.

7.    How many times can I get the free 5GB?
This is a 2 months offer. So once bundle is attached it is valid for 30 days. After 30th day, customer will receive a message informing them they have received their 2nd 5GB data bundle

WIN big with Samsung

Customer purchase Samsung A10, A20 or A50 and will receive a Free Cooler Bag + Free 5GB for PlayGo & d’Music (see FREE 5GB Offer)

Opt-in & WIN

Customer opt-in to any Data Plan, AIO plan, make a recharge (top up via all top up platforms), opt-in to PlayGo and d’Music and will enter draw to win Cash Prize or Home Internet Package.

Prizes include:

  • 50,000VT Cash Prize x 8 winners
  • Free Internet for 1 year – Limit of 10GB data bundle per month
  • 6 x Alcatel 3V
  • Daily winners of 10,000VT on-net credit valid 3 days

Eligible plans are:

  • Awesome Data plans
  • All in one plans
  • Top up via Telepin, EVD, online
  • PlayGo plans
  • d’Music plans


When is the draw?
Promotion closes on the 31st of December and the grand draw will be done on 10th January, 2020 and winners will be announced on social media.

Digicel TV Offer

Sign up and pay 66,000VT and get a 43” TCL TV screen + 1 month Digicel TV subscription Free and enter draw to win a brand new smartphone

1.    How to sign up to the TV Christmas Package?
Customer visit our Retails Store in Vila or Santo and fill the subscription form

2.    Is the installation free?
Yes TV installation is free


3.    Does the 66, 000VT covers the first month TV subscription?
Yes, first month TV subscription is Free as well

4.    What is the prize of the draw?
5 x Alcatel 3V smartphone

5.    When is the draw?
10 January 2020

1.    Overall- Share of 1.2m

  • Terms apply
  • Applicable to prepaid customers only.
  • Customers who opt into any plans (Awesome data, All in One, dMusic or PlayGo premium) or top up by 100VT or more will go onto the draw.
  • 1.2million VATU is broken down as 10x 50,000VT cash, 5 x home internet packages worth 2000vt per person for a year, 6 x Alcatel 3V LTE handsets and daily winners of 10,000VT free credit.
  • Non-cash prizes cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Handset prizes will require the winner to pick up from the nearest Digicel retail location.
  • Prizes will be drawn and won with Shake it promotions as well as the final draw.
  • Promotion closes on the 31st of December and the grand draw will be done on 10th January, 2020.
  • Winners will be announced on social media.

2.     Handset Acquisition Offer - WIN big with Samsung

  1. Purchase a Samsung A10s, A20s, A50 and get:
    - A free SIM
    - 5GB data for PlayGo Premium and dMusic
    - A free cooler bag
  2. Purchase a Samsung Note 10+ or Samsung S10 and get 2 Free Samsung A10s
  3. Purchase a LTE smartphone and get:
    - A free SIM
    - 5GB data for PlayGo Premium and dMusic
  • Handset retail prices will be as follows:
    - Samsung A10s- 20,000 VT
    - Samsung A20s- 30,000 VT
    - Samsung A50- 42,000 VT
    - Samsung S10- 155,000VT
    - Samsung Note 10+- 110,000VT
    - Samsung J2 Core- 13,000VT
    - Alcatel 1- 6,900VT
    - Xtreme 1- 6,500VT (available from MID Dec)
  • Conditions apply
  • Prices are VAT inclusive and may be subject to change.
  • 5 GB data is only for PlayGo and dMusic use and is valid for 30 days.
  • 5GB PlayGo and dMusic data can be given to new and existing customers when they purchase a LTE smartphone.
  • Offer ends 31st December 2019

3.    Digicel TV Offer
TV- Get a TV package combo from 66,000VT and win one of 5 LTE Smartphones.

  • TV package combo of 66,000VT upfront payment consists of a 43” Smart TV (TCL brand) valued at 56,000VT and a 10,000VT for equipment, installment and first month subscription for the Digicel TV package.
  • Thereafter, the customer is to make a payment of 5,060VT VIP every 30 days as the Digicel TV monthly subscription.
  • Digicel TV monthly subscription payment can be made at Digicel retail outlets or by dialing *515# using your Digicel credit.
  • Hire purchase services is not on offer and upfront, one-time payment of 66,000VT is required at the time of sign up.
  • Digicel is not responsible for physical TV unit (guarantee or warranty). 
  • All the sign ups done from 14th November to 31st December will go into the draw to win 1 of 5 Alcatel 3V LTE Smartphones.
  • Draw will be done on 10th January and winner will be announced on social media.
  • Prize is not redeemable for cash.

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