Free 10GB with PlayGo & D'Music

Free 10GB with PlayGo & D'Music

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Free 10GB with PlayGo & D'Music

For all the new phones and the Computer world Sims, customers will get free data for PlayGo and D’Music. Get free 10GB Valid 30days for PlayGo & D’Music.

1.    What is the offer?
For any new phones customer purchase or any computer world sims  they will get Free 10GB data for PlayGo and D’Music valid for 30days

2.    What is the validity of the Free PlayGo and D’Music data?
The validity is 30days, starting from the time of activation of sim or purchasing the new phone.

3.    What happens if the customer do not want a new sim?
If the customer doesn’t want a new sim the sales person should get the existing msisdn and sent to CC Tech team to attach the offer ID to their sim.

4.    Will the offer be renewed after 30days?
No, the offer is for 30days and customers will receive this offer only once.

5.    How will the promotion will be advertised?

  • Social media
  • T2B
  • Radio

For any feedbacks or queries, please email  or see the Marketing Team

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Free 10GB with PlayGo & D'Music