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In BiP, you can make voice calls, just like in the mobile application, and continue to communicate even if the phone is discharged.

With more than 250 services and channels, you can easily make your daily stuff done, have fun and even earn gifts.

1.    Why Choose BiP Messenger?
BiP Messenger allows you to stay in touch with friends & family all over the world. Send & receive messages, pictures, videos & documents for free.

With BiP messenger, you can:

  • Have a second number – No need to carry two phones with BiP. If you have two numbers, you can make calls & send messages on the same device.  
  • Have Secret Chats – Your messages will disappear from the chat screen within the time period you determine.  
  • Send fun & entertaining stickers specially designed for BiP - Make your chats more colourful & amusing. 
  • Communicate with your “Non-BiP contacts” - Start an SMS (free of charge) from BiP, to reach your contacts who are not on BiP. 
  • Participate in Group Messaging – Chat with multiple friends within the same chat. 
  • Share your location – Let your friends/family know where you are. You can share your location in both individual & group chats.
  • Have your messages translated – BiP Translator translates both written & verbal words and phrases from any language, to any language of your choice. 
  • Play games – Challenge yourself with a wide variety of free & exciting games for you to choose from. 

2.    How secure is BiP in protecting my personal data and privacy? 
Your messages on BiP are encrypted if your backup feature is turned on. If your back up feature is turned off, your messages will be deleted after a certain time. All communication between your mobile device and the servers are encrypted and securely transmitted.

3.    Can anyone access my messages? 
You are the only person able to access your messages.

4.    Does it cost anything to send messages?
BiP to BiP Messaging is free. However, Wi-Fi/Data connection is required to access BiP Messenger. 

5.    What is the Buzz feature?
Buzz is a feature that vibrates the phone of the person you’re messaging.

6.    What is FollowMe?
FollowMe enables you to see your friend's location in real time for the period of time you choose. You can click on the paperclip icon on the text box and send a follow request to your friend. When he/she approves the request, you can see your friend's instant location on the map.

7.    Does it cost anything to send SMS to people who do not have BiP?
You can send up to 1000 free messages per month to friends who do not have BiP.

8.    How can I create groups?
You can click on the + button on your chat screen and then select the "new chat" option from the menu. Select "new group" and create groups with up to 400 people.

9.    How can I mute a group?
From the group chat screen, you can click on the group name and choose the "mute" option.

10.    Can I call unsaved contacts?
Under the “Calls” tab, select the keypad to dial the number you want to call.

11.    Is it free to play a game in BiP?
You are able to play games for free.

12.    What kind of games can I play in BiP?
You can play games in different categories such as action, sports, puzzle, skill, simulation, etc.

13.    Can I play games with my friends in BiP? 
There are no any multilayered games in BiP at this time.

14.    What is BiP Web?
BiP Web is a web application developed for desktop usage. It allows you to continue messaging your loved ones even when your mobile is turned off.

15.    Can I use BiP both from my desktop and mobile phone at the same time? 
You can access BiP Web & BiP Messenger at the same time.

For any feedbacks or queries, please email or see the Marketing Team.

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