Back to School - MiFi Offer

Back to School - MiFi Offer

MiFi’s/ Dongles you will now have the ability to just top up and get their data bundle instead of going through MyDigicel app to purchase data bundle. Top up 1000VT and get double up on the offer.

1.    What are the data bundles?

Plan Name Top Up Amount Bundle Allocation Structure Bonus Data Validity Data Validity
MiFi 500VT 2.2GB 7 days 1000VT Top up 1000VT get 4.4GB Bonus 7 days 7 days
MiFi 1000VT 5GB 30 days 1000VT Top up 1000VT get 10GB Bonus 30 days 30 days
MiFi 3000VT 17GB 30 days 1000VT Top up 1000VT get 34GB Bonus 30 days 30 days
MiFi 5000VT 30GB 30 days
1000VT Top up 1000VT get 60GB Bonus 30 days 30 days


2.    How offer works?
Mifi/Dongle customer top up by 1000VT and get double up on all the offers.

3.    Is accumulative top up applied?
No, accumulative top up does not apply on this offer. Meaning if customer top up 200VT and then 300VT, this will not trigger the 500VT data bundle of 2.2GB.

Credit will remain on customer ABM which can be used to purchase other data/mifi data plans via MyDigicel app.

4.    How will customers be notified of their data usage?
Customer will receive a URL redirection page will show them 60% of their data usage, 90% and then 100% of their usage.

5.    If the offer applied to anyone?
Offer only apply to MiFi/ Dongle subscribers who are under the MiFi/Dongle Priceplan 29901. All MiFi/Dongle MSISDNs under 29901 price plan and with Bolton ID – 6366 enabled will be able to use this offer.

6.    What top up platform is applicable to the offer?
All top up platform – voucher cards, Telepin, EVD, online.

7.    What happens if customer use up the data bundle? Will they be able to browse out of bundle?
Yes, customer will be able to continue browsing OOB at a rate of 5VT/MB.

Once allocated data bundle is used up, customer will receive default message to confirm browsing without any data bundle by texting Y to 515.

Note that voice call is disabled on Mifi/Dongle price plan 29901. Only sending SMS is enabled but customer will be charged at a rate of 12vt/SMS. 

8.    Offer end date?  
Ongoing offer until further notice.