Fishing Spree

Fishing Spree


 Vanuatu (VUV)

Rank 1 $60,000
Rank 2 $30,000
Instant Cash $60,000
Total $150,000


The Objective of the game is to request for tokens & collect the highest number of points with a chance to win promotional and eventually the grand prize. The player with the highest collected points by 27th November, 2020 (11:59:59pm) will win the major giveaway. i.e. Rank 1: $60,000; Rank 2: $30,000 CASH.

There will be daily cash giveaways also on random days throughout the duration of the game.


To participate in the Fishing Spree game, the customer will need to text the keyword HOOK to shortcode 1644.

> Each text (correct or incorrect keyword) sent to short code 1644 will be charged 20vt (GST incl.).

> Each billed text to shortcode 1644 will generate an “SMS Reply”. An “SMS Reply” will contain the following:

> The token earned for successfully sending a text to 1644. The SMS Game platform assigns the token randomly.




Joy! 5
Love! 20
Trust! 50
Happy! 70
Hope! 80
Loyal! 90
Bold! 100
Fun! 150
Chill! 200
 Freedom!  300

Fishing Spree