Download, Use & Win Promotion



‘DOWNLOAD, USE & WIN’ where you can download our apps (PlayGoLoop, and GoLoud), use them and enter the draw to WIN a share of VT75,000 CASH.


Draw Date Prize Winners
5th July VT25,000 x3

1.    Where do I download the apps?

·    For Andriod users, the apps are available for download in Play Store
·    For iOS users, the apps are available for download in App Store


2.    Do I need data to download the apps?
Yes, you need to have data to download the apps.


3.    Do I need data to use apps?
Yes, you will need data. Below is approximate data usage for the apps.


30 mins = 250MB

Play Go

30 mins = 250MB


Free to use


4.    How will I know that I am a winner?
All the Winners will be contacted and awarded accordingly

5.    When is the draw?
The draw will be done on the 05th of July 2021. Winners will be posted on Social Media and Press.

6.    Promotion start and end date?
Promotion starts on the 3rd of June and ends on the 4th of July.