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Your Mobile Source for News and Entertainment

Looking for up-to-the-minute news and sports updates or the latest games and music? Digicel Live allows you to access all of this and more directly from your GPRS/ EDGE enabled Digicel phone. Choose from a variety of content in Digicel Live organized under the following headings: 

  • Digicel Place: A Community where you can upload and share pictures, short video clips, and comments with other people.
  • Ringtones: Purchase Polyphonic and real tones from international and local artiste. 
  • Games –Play games online or download Java games to play offline.
  • Mobile TV: Download applications to watch TV (Access to Mobile TV requires a multimedia mobile phone that is compatible with the service.)
  • Email (MyMail) : Access email accounts from Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail
  • Digicel Chat: Communicate with other Digicel users via text chat. You can access both local Chat and International Chat.


  • News : Read local news and international news
  • Sports: Access information on local and international sports
  • Info services – Popularly known as DigiInfo (444 4636), send a keyword to the short code and get up-to-date information. (E.g. Storm, Cinema, Jokes, Horoscopes etc)
  • Cool links – Navigate to other links that are offered by the Digicel live portal (e.g. Google to conduct searches etc.)
  • Java Games: Enjoy your downtime with Digicel’s Java games! Download any of our four fun and interactive games and conveniently play them offline!

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