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Credit U

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Allows you to share/transfer credit from your own Postpaid or Prepaid account to a friend’s or family’s prepaid account using your Digicel phone. You may transfer any amount between US$5 and US$100. All Credit U transfer sent will cost US$ 0.10.

*Both Digicel prepaid and postpaid customers can send credit with Credit U, but only Digicel prepaid customers can receive credit this way.

Follow the steps below to use Credit U:

  1. Dial *128*1284xxx, the receiver's number  xxx , the amount you want to send,  # and press send.  (E.g. To send US$100 to 1234567: *128*12841234567*100#) 
  2. Wait for the confirmation message
  3. Then dial *128*1# and press send to confirm or to cancel, dial *128*2# 
  4. Both sending/receiving users will receive a confirmation message


To check your account balance, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Dial *120#
  2. Then press “SEND”
  3. Check your phone screen for the current balance.


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