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Need to make a call but have no credit? Digicel's "Call Me" service allows you to send a text message with less than US $1 on your account to another prepaid user with the message to call you.

To use the "Call Me" service, simply dial * 126* 1284xxxxxx # Send. (xxxxxx representing the phone number of the person you’d like to reach).


Want to send credit to family and friends? Credit U lets you easily transfer credit to any prepaid or postpaid Digicel user in BVI, or around the world with just a quick text message.

You may transfer any amount between US $5 to US $100 to your friend or family member with Credit U. All Credit U transfers cost only US $0.10.

Here’s how to use Credit U:

  1. Dial *128*1284xxx, the receiver's number xxx, the amount you want to send, # and press send (E.g., To send US$100 to 1234567: *128*12841234567*100#) 

  2. Wait for the confirmation message

  3. Then dial *128*1# and press send to confirm or to cancel, dial *128*2# 

  4. Both sending/receiving users will receive a confirmation message

To check your account balance any time, just follow these steps:

  1. Dial *120#

  2. Press “Send”

  3. Your current balance will appear on your phone’s screen

Note: Both Digicel prepaid and postpaid customers can send credit with Credit U, but only Digicel prepaid customers can receive credit via Credit U.


Need to request Digicel credit from family or friends? If your prepaid balance is less than $1, you can use Credit Me to request credit from friends or family anywhere in the world.

To send a "Credit Me" request to your friends or family in BVI:

  1. Dial *127*1284, the receiver's number, *, the amount you want to get, #, and press send (E.g, To ask for $100 from 3454321 dial *127*12843454321*100#) 
  2. The receiver will get a text message from your number asking them to send you Digicel credit.

To send a "Credit Me" request to your friends or family abroad:

  1. Dial *127*, the receiver's number, *5# and press send (E.g, To ask 3444444 to send you Digicel credit, dial *127*12843444444*5#)
  2. The receiver will get a text message from your number asking them to send you Digicel credit.

Note: Only Digicel prepaid customers can request credit via the Credit Me service. In order to request credit, your account balance must be less than $1.



Digicel Live is your mobile source for news, sports and the latest games directly from your Digicel phone. Choose from a variety of content in Digicel Live, including:

  • Digicel Place: a community where you can upload and share pictures, short video clips, and comments with other people.
  • Ringtones: purchase ringtones from international and local artistes.
  • Games: play games online or download Java games to play offline.
  • Mobile TV: download applications to watch TV. (Access to Mobile TV requires a multimedia mobile phone that is compatible with the service.)
  • Email (My Mail): access email accounts from Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail.
  • Digicel Chat: communicate with other Digicel users via text chat. You can access both local Chat and International Chat.
  • News: read local news and international news
  • Sports: access information on local and international sports
  • Info services: popularly known as DigiInfo (444 4636), send a keyword to the short code and get up-to-date information. (e.g., Storm, Cinema, Jokes, Horoscopes, etc.)
  • Cool links: navigate to other links that are offered by the Digicel live portal (e.g., Google to conduct searches etc.)
  • Java Games: enjoy your downtime with Digicel’s Java Games! Download any of our four fun and interactive games and conveniently play them offline!


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