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Unbeatable Value

NEW Postpaid plans

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Unbeatable Value Plan

With Digicel's new Unbeatable Plan you get so much more!

  • 10GB of 4G Data
  • 7,200 Minutes to call the USA, USVI, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK* and Digicel Caribbean countries (excluding Jamaica, Guyana & Haiti)
  • 100 Minutes to Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Guyana & Haiti
  • 6,000 Text Messages



Unbeatable Plan
4G Data Minutes Minutes DR, Jamaica, Guyana & Haiti Text Messages Price Pay your bill in full & on time
10 GB 7,200 100 6,000 $125 p/m Get unlimited rollover data & talk
4G Data
10 GB
Minutes DR, Jamaica, Guyana & Haiti
Text Messages
$125 p/m
Pay your bill in full & on time
Get unlimited rollover data & talk


You can also add Roam Like You're Home to you Digicel Postpaid account permanently or every time that you travel:

Dial #100 from your Digicel phone

  • Roam Like You're Home 30 day plan costs $30
  • Roam in the USA, PR, Canada, UK & Digicel Caribbean 


To Roam Like Home you must be on Digicel's preferred networks in each country.

  • USA: T-Mobile
  • Canada: Rogers & Bell or Telus
  • UK: Vodafone or EE
  • Digicel Caribbean: Digicel

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Unbeatable Plan