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1. What is Digicel Online Top Up?

  • Digicel Online top up is a service which will be provided through Ezetop, similar
  • to its predecessor Webflex.
  • The service will allow consumers to go to the Digicel website and top up any
  • Digicel prepaid number.
  • This service can be accessed by going to the Digicel website and selecting the
  • Digicel Online Top Up option.

2. How does Digicel Online Top Up Service work?

  1. The Digicel Online Top Up service has four simple steps.
  2. Register a Digicel Online Account
  3. Sign into your Digicel Online Account
  4. Enter Transaction details
  5. Enter card details to pay for the credit.

3. What do I need to use Digicel Online Top Up?

· You will need:

  1. A registered Digicel Online Top Up account
  2. A valid credit or debit card – MasterCard/ VISA
  3. An active prepaid Digicel number

4. Can Local Bank card holders top up using this service?

No. Local Bank card holders are not currently able to use the Digicel Online Top service. We will be adding this as a payment option soon.

5. Can I send credit to any Digicel number regardless of the territory?

Yes. The service is available to all other Digicel territories.

6. How do I create an account when using this service?

In order to create an account, a customer must enter:

  • Enter their email address
  • Create a password
  • Create a secret question and answer
  • Enter the security verification code correctly.
  • Enter your personal information e.g. address etc.
  • Read and agree to terms and conditions of the service, then click create account.

7. How do I edit my Account Details?

A customer may edit their account details by following the ‘Profile’ link in the sub-navigation bar.

8. How do I view my Account History?

Customers may view their Account History by following the ‘History’ link in sub navigation bar.

9. How do I know if my account creation has been successful?

  • Users will receive a message advising them that their account has been created and that they should check their email.
  • When they check their email they will receive a Confirmation Registration Email which will carry the subject “Digicel Online Top up – Confirmation of Registration.

10. How do I activate my Digicel Online Top up Account?

  • Select the link received in the email account which will take you to a window containing a link asking you to sign in.
  • After selecting this link the account will be activated, you will then be given the option to enter your credentials in order to sign in.

11. How do I top up with Digicel Online Top Up?

  • Log in to Digicel’s website.
  • Select Digicel’s Online Top Up option. 
  • Log in to your account and follow the instructions.

12. What currencies are available with this service?

There are several currencies available, just look at the drop down menu during purchase

13. What is the exchange rate when purchasing credit?

Exchange rates are calculated automatically. The application will state the total amount the recipient will get before you submit the transaction.

14. What values are available for top up?

  • Just look at the drop down menu during purchase
  • A government sales tax may apply in certain markets

15. Is there a charge to use the service?

  • Yes. For each transaction, there will be a charge of US$0.31 + 2.2% of the transaction amount.
  • This fee pays for the processing of your transaction through secure bank and payment processing systems. 

This is done to ensure the security of your account and payment cards and of the website.

16. Is tax added to the purchases?

  • Sales or Value Added Taxes are applied to purchases according to the Digicel country that receives the top up.
  • The value top up received is minus the tax amount.

17. Do I receive some form of receipt for my transaction?

  • Yes. Once your transaction is successful you will receive confirmation:
  • On screen
  • In an email
  • In the transaction history tab
  • The recipient receives a text message confirming the top up

18. Is there any way to verify the amount the recipient will receive?

The following sms will be sent to the recipient: “Your mobile phone has been recharged with $ XXX.XX from Digicel Top Up Online. Your New Balance is XXX.XX and your reference number is XXXXX.”

19. What happens if I enter an invalid phone number?

The system verifies each number that is entered for a top up and will return a message advising whether or not the Top Up can be completed.20. Do I need to enter my credit card details every time I want to send credit?

Yes. Your credit card details are not stored on Digicel’s Online Top Up system to ensure your own security. 

Therefore, you will need to enter them each time you want to send credit.

21. If promotional bonuses are being awarded for Top Ups will this be offered also for Digicel Online Top Up also?

Yes. Digicel Online Top Ups are treated as a regular top up, so all promotional offerings are the same.

22. Will I receive/earn Digicel Loyalty Points when credit is added to my phone via Digicel Online Top Up?

  • Yes. You will receive Digicel Loyalty Points for credit added via Digicel Online Top Up.
  • If the amount that is placed on the phone is less than $100 the loyalty points will be pro-rated.

23. Can I change the country noted as my home country?

The application uses Internet technologies to determine what country you are looking at the website from as part of our policies to protect customer’s privacy and security.

If you are in a country different to your home country, you will have to wait until you get home to sign up.

24. Why would a customer not be able to do a top up?

Note, that often times, certain cards will be rejected for some of the following reasons:

  • Customer’s card has expired.
  • Customer’s card has no available funds on it.
  • Customer’s card is rejected by Ezetop’s fraud system.
  • Customer’s bank doesn’t allow these kinds of transactions.

25. Can I delete my account history?

Your account history cannot be deleted. This provides an important record of your past transactions on the Digicel Online top up website. 

26. What cards are accepted on the website?

You can currently use VISA Credit cards, VISA Debit cards, VISA Electron cards, VISA Delta cards, MasterCard Credit cards, MasterCard Debit cards and Maestro cards.

27. Can I top up when I am abroad?

 Yes. Once you have created your account at home you can access it from anywhere in the world.

28. Why do I have to agree to your terms & conditions?

This is a part of the policy to protect a customer’s privacy and security and the terms of service is used to protect the rights of you the consumer.

29. Why do I need an email address?

The email address is used as a part of the customer care and identification processes, so that the customer can be contacted if there are any difficulties using the service.

30. Why can I only have one account?

There is a strict set of privacy and security policies to protect the customer – this means that each user and payment card holder must use their own account and only use one account. If you attempt to use more than one account you will be locked out.

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