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Unlimited Voice Plan

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The UNLIMITED Plan is available to all Postpaid customers for only $100 per month and includes:

  • Unlimited international calls to USA, USVI, Puerto Rico, Canada, UK fixed lines
  • Unlimited calls to ANY local mobile or landline
  • Unlimited SMS to local and international numbers

1. What is the Unlimited Plan? 

This Unlimited Plan offers unlimited calls to any local BVI mobile or landline, UNLIMITED international calls to the USA, USVI, Puerto Rico, Canada and UK landline, UNLIMITED worldwide SMS, and 3GBof 4G Data.

2. Is this plan available to Postpaid or Prepaid subscribers?

The plan is available to new and existing postpaid subscribers.

3. How does the plan work?

Customers simply have to purchase the Unlimited Plan, UNLIMITED SMS to local and international numbers, UNLIMITED calls to any local mobile or landline and UNLIMITED international calls to USA, USVI, Puerto Rico, Canada and to fixed lines in the UK.

4. Is there a subscription fee for using this plan?

Yes. Postpaid customers pay $115 per month. This is the recurring monthly payment that is due on the 28th of each month.

5. How can a customer sign up or apply for the Unlimited Plan?

Customers can visit any Digicel outlet to activate the plan. A deposit is required, as is required when activating any other plan.

6. Can a customer upgrade to the Unlimited Plan?

Yes. The customer can upgrade from a lower plan to the Unlimited Plan.

7. Can a customer downgrade to a lower plan?

Yes. The customer can downgrade to a lower plan, however the customer would not enjoy the benefits as with the Unlimited Plan.

8. Are there restrictions on this plan?

Yes. The subscriber has to sign for a contract for a minimum of a one year term and maximum usage limits apply.

9. Can I have more than one Unlimited Plan?

No. A customer can only have one Unlimited Plan activated.

10. Can I benefit from this plan whilst roaming?

No. The customer will have to be on their home network to take advantage of this plan.

11. Is there anything else I should know about this plan? 

Yes. There is a free threshold of 33 hours voice and 3000 SMS. Additional charges will apply when roaming outside of the BVI, calling destinations not included in the plan and exceeding maximum minutes allowance or the 3GB allowance of 4G data.

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Unlimited Voice Plan