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1. How do I purchase a Digicel phone?

You can purchase a Digicel phone or upgrade your existing phone at any of our stores located in Road Town, Tortola and Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda or any approved retail outlets. We’ve created a list of these outlets and placed them on a map so you can see where your nearest retailer is located. Go on, buy or upgrade today!

2. How do I become a Digicel subscriber?

To become a Digicel subscriber, simply choose from one of our available price plans. In most territories, you can choose from Digicel Select (post-paid, contract) and Digicel Flex (pre-paid, top-ups). 

3. How do I view my bill online?

Online Payment enables you to access and pay for a number of Digicel products and services online. Online payment is currently available in Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Barbados, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Turks & Caicos. You can register for online payment at Bill Pay Now

4. How do I get my bills via email?

If you are a Digicel Select customer, you can now receive your bills via email! Sign up for this service today!  To sign up, call Customer Care on #100 or the Flagship Store on +1 284 300 2500. 

5. How do I set up a Digicel Product or Service?

Visit the Products and Services help section to learn how. 

Multi-party Conferencing

Multi Party Conferencing allows a Digicel customer to conference in up to 3 other people so that everyone is on one call. It's very easy.

  • Dial the first person, press "2" send to put the call on hold (the number sequence will not work on all 
  • Dial the second person and press "3" send to connect the call together.
  • Press 2 send to put the call on hold
  • Dial a third person and press "3" send to connect all people together.
  • You pay for each call separately

You can have up to 3 people (the organizer and 5 others) on a multi party conference call

Other Digicel subscribers can add people to the call If the organizer hangs up, the other calls all models, there are no standards)

A customer is charged for every call he makes, so if he makes 5 calls out, he will be charged regular Digicel rates for each of these calls.

Some Short Codes You Should Know

*120# - Prepaid balance check

*122# - Prepaid account Activation

*124# - Prepaid Expiry check

*128* - Credit U

*129# - My Number

*130# - Postpaid Balance check

*136* - Prepaid Blackberry activation

*135# - Prepaid Data bundles activation

*777# - Ring back tones 

*134# - Activate Prepaid 4G Data Plan 

 Activate a Prepaid Dominican Republic Calling Plan 

Activate a Prepaid Jamaica Calling Plan

*153#   Activate a Prepaid Roam Like Home Plan

#100 – Call Customer Care

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