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1. How many minutes do you get with the MyLocal plan?  

  • 300 Local off-net minutes,
  • Unlimited Digicel to Digicel calls 
  • Unlimited Fixed Line Calls.
  • Unlimited SMS – Local and Worldwide
  • Data Service

2. What is the subscription for the MyLocal plan?  

The plan subscription is $65 per month.

3. Are the SMS for local use only? 

No, the unlimited SMS that are included in the plan can be used to anywhere in the world.

4. Is there Internet on this plan?

Yes this plan includes 500mb Blackberry data or 500mb mobile data.

5. Is this service for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers? 

No, this is a postpaid plan.

6. How do customers sign up for this plan?

This will go through the normal activation process

7. Is there a fair use policy on the unlimited calls?  

Yes. The unlimited calls are capped at 5000 minutes each.

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My Local Plan