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Jamaican Prepaid Plan

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1. What is included in the Jamaica 14 plan?

  • 100 minutes to Digicel Jamaica only
  • 100 Text messages to Digicel Jamaica only

2. What does it cost to activate the Jamaica 14 prepaid plan?

The fortnightly cost for the plan is

  • Jamaica 14 - $19
  • Jamaica 30 - $49

3. How does a customer activate a plan?

The plans can be activated by dialing *132#and following the text instructions that will follow.

  • *132*40# - Jamaica 14
  • *132*50# - Jamaica 30

4. How does the customer check the minutes and text left in the plan?

Customers can check their available minutes by dialing the respective short code of the plan they are currently on, or downloading the NEW My Digicel App.

Shortcodes for Minutes
Plan Name Shortcode
Minutes *120*11#
Plan Name
Text *120*71#
Plan Name

5. Which dedicated account will be used for each plan?

The dedicated accounts that will be used for each plan are as follows

Account Types
Plan Name Dedicated Account
minutes DA11
Plan Name
Dedicated Account
sms DA71
Plan Name
Dedicated Account


6. How long do the plans last?

The plans last for either 14 days or 30 days depending on which plan is chosen.

7. Is this product for both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers?

No. This product is available only to prepaid subscribers. Postpaid subscribers will have a separate offer.

8. Can I choose to cancel at any time?

No. subscribers must allow plan to expire.

9. Am I able to use the ‘Jamaica Plans’while roaming?

No. Customers are not able to use the minutes while roaming.

10. How can I cancel the auto renew cycle?

24hrs before a plan expires all subscribers will receive a SMS indicating that the plan will auto renew on a particular end date and time. The cancelation code will be in the sms received. 

11. If the customer’s minutes have been exhausted and the plan is not renewed, what are the charges for calls to Jamaica?

The customer will then be charged at the normal Jamaica prepaid rates.

12. If a customer does not use all the minutes available can the minutes be used when another bundle is activated

No. If in given 14/30 days the customer does not use their plans minutes the minutes will be lost.

13. Will the plan auto renew upon expiry?

Yes. Once the funds are available on the customer’s account, the plan will automatically reactivate.

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Jamaican Prepaid Plan