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4G Mobile Data Plans

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1. What are Digicel’s new 4G Mobile Data Plans?

Digicel Pre-Paid  customers who have a Smart Phone can now sign up for one (1) of three (3) new data plans which offer  customer FREE access to popular social networking applications. 

2. What do the new Data Plans include?

Customers who sign up for one of the new 4G Data Plans will get their data bundle allocation for regular browsing, plus FREE access the following social networking platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

3. What is the cost of the NEW Data Plans?

Prepaid Data Plans
Duration Price MB Allowance Free Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Price/MB
1 Day Value Plan $2.00 30 Yes 0.07
1 Day Value Plan
MB Allowance
Free Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
7 Day Value Plan 1 $10.00 250 Yes 0.04
7 Day Value Plan 1
MB Allowance
Free Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
7 Day Value Plan 2 $17.00 500 Yes 0.03
7 Day Value Plan 2
MB Allowance
Free Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

4. Is there any exclusion on the NEW Data Plans?

The new plans will not allow customers to browse other sites on the internet for free (for example, clicking on a Facebook link that leads to a video stream or other external website) Additional browsing will be deducted from each plans MB bundle allowance.

5. How can customers activate the NEW Data Plans?

Customers can activate in the following ways:

  • Dial the USSD code *135# to activate a data plan of their choice.
  • Download the My Digicel App and activate at a click of a button.

6. What is the major difference between the NEW 4G Data Plans and Digicel’s original 4G Plans?

Digicel’s original 4G Pre-Paid Plans do not include FREE social media access to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Also, the new plans have the additional benefit of being able to carry over any unused data. Another major advantage is that if you use all of the data in your bundle, you will still have access to FREE social media for the duration of your plan.

7. Can both Pre-Paid and Post-Paid customers sign up?

No, currently this service is only available for Pre-Paid customers. 

8. What happens if the customer is on an existing 4G plan, will they be able to sign up for one of the NEW Plans?

Yes, once your current Pre-Paid plan expires simply dial *135# and follow the onscreen prompts to choose one of the new plans. Customers on an existing 4G Plans must wait for their current plan to expire.

9. What are the durations of the plans offered?

Pre-Paid customers have the option to subscribe for a 1 day, or 7 day plan.

10. Can customers use bonus credit to activate a plan?

No, bonus credit like Triple Bubble can only be used to make calls to Digicel numbers. 

11. Can customers use the NEW plans while roaming? 

No, customer cannot use their data allocation while roaming, data roaming rates will apply. The plans are only available while in the BVI. For prepaid roaming rates visit Prepaid Roaming Rates

12. Can customers deactivate the Data Plan during the 1 day/ 7 day period?

No, once a plan is activated and paid for you cannot deactivate the plan until the end of the plan duration.

14. What happens if I use all of the data allowance in my bundle?

If you activate for example the 500MB 7 day Value Plan, and you use your entire 500MB data allowance web browsing or streaming after 2 days, you will still have FREE access to social media for the duration of the 7 days. If you would like to continue web browsing you will be charged $0.20/MB until the end of the 7 days.

15. Can I activate a new plan before the end of my plan duration?

Yes, you can upgrade to a new plan or add additional data to your current plan.

16. What will happens if I click on a video link or a link to an external site while using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

Upon attempting to browse any links or sites outside of the listed social networking applications, (eg. Youtube, http browsing, peer 2 peer, etc.) the customer will be able to browse providing they have data allocation remaining in their plan. If the plan data allocation is used, the customer will be prompted that if they continue they will be charged $0.20/MB.

17. How can a customer stop 4G per MB charges at $0.20/MB once they have used all of their plan allocation?

Customers will have the option to extend the plan by adding more data, or upgrading to a new plan. 

18. What if a customer does not have sufficient credit on their account, will they be able to activate a data plan?

No, customers need to top up and purchase an adequate amount of credit before a plan can be activated. Once a customer has sufficient credit on their account they will be able to activate a plan of their choice.

19. Will the data plans be automatically renewed?

The 1 day and 7 day plans will be automatically renewed upon expiry of the customer’s plan, providing that adequate credit is available. Customers will be informed when the plan will auto renew and be offered the option to opt-out. 

Customer Obligations:

In addition to the obligation listed herein, the Customer shall:

  • Abide by all these terms and conditions of use of the Data Plans as outlined herein;
  • Comply with laws and regulations governing the Digicel network and the Social Pl;
  • Utilize the Data Plan for personal use only and not for commercial and/or business purposes;
  • Immediately report and confirm in writing, loss, theft, damage of the handset and/or SIM Card preventing your use of the Data Plan;

Conditions of Use:

The Customer understands that the Data Plan is subject to availability, proper functioning and operation of the social networking applications over which Digicel has no control and as such the Customer will not hold Digicel liable in any way for the unavailability or reduced quality of the data plan due to the social networking applications malfunctioning or being unavailable or not operational for any reason whatsoever.

Digicel hereby reserves the right to discontinue any application or restrict any functionality of an application offered on the data plans, should the application introduce a number based VOIP service.

Subject to the above, standard Prepaid terms and conditions apply.

To the extent permitted by law, Digicel reserves the right to amend, terminate or unilaterally change any of the above terms and conditions subject to notifying customers of such amendments or termination. Such notification may be by way of text message, advertisement in the national media and/or our website. If the Service under the usual terms and conditions is used after notice of the amendment, then the amendment shall be deemed accepted.

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4G Mobile Data Plans