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Get Dedicated High Speed Internet

Power Your Home With Dedicated Internet 

We understand that times have changed, and now more than ever you need a reliable internet service to power your home. With Dedicated Internet you get dedicated bandwidth just for you! With fast download and upload speeds, you receive a reliable connection to power your work and learning from home.



  • A call from a Digicel engineer to book an onsite inspection of your property visit within 24/hrs of your service enquiry
  • A visit to your home within 3 to 7 days
  • Dependent on our site survey our engineers will advise on one of two DIA installation solutions
  • Either a small external antenna or wire will be deployed at your home
  • Once installation is complete you can enjoy your new high-speed internet solution immediately



  • Call 300-4765
  • Visit a Digicel retail store
  • Complete our online order form here
Dedicated Internet
Plan Price
DIA Lite $189/mo
DIA Lite
DIA Max $249/mo

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Dedicated Internet