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Digicel is pleased to announce a new and talented addition to its brand ambassador team. GenY Factor 2019 champion, Dwight Hutchinson, sang his way to victory and with it, a number of fantastic prizes from the telecommunications giant.

As Gen Y Factor champion, Dwight was awarded a check for two thousand dollars, a Samsung Galaxy S10 and a year of free service from Digicel. Also, he joins a talented few as a brand ambassador, assisting Digicel with promotional campaigns and community initiatives.

Digicel BVI Marketing Executive, Timothy Barker, commented on the win, "This year, the battle was fierce, but Dwight rose to the occasion.  His stage presence is impressive, and his voice powerful! Digicel is very excited to have the opportunity to work with him.”

As a brand ambassador, Dwight will feature in Digicel's Christmas campaign, share his music via social digital platforms, and assist with community initiatives.

“It’s truly a blessing to have won the show, and there isn’t sufficient gratitude to offer God and to all who were involved, from the guests to the Sponsors. Having the opportunity to work alongside Digicel is amazing! I can’t wait to see and experience what is to come over the next year. I expect nothing but amazing things from this journey,” commented Dwight

"We will be showcasing Dwight’s voice, as we know that the public is eager to hear him sing. He's an inspiring person and will make a valuable contribution to our brand ambassador team." finished Barker.

To follow Dwight's journey, follow Digicel BVI on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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