Complaints Procedure

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Complaints Procedure

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of customer service each time, every time. If we fall short on our commitment, we welcome the opportunity to fix the situation. If we make a mistake, or our services do not meet your expectations, we want to know about it. If you have something on your mind, we welcome your feedback.

The information that follows gives you details on how to bring a complaint or feedback to our attention.   You may also use this information to send us your comments on our performance, or to give us a suggestion about how we can improve our service to you. Additionally, it sets out the quality of service we hold ourselves to giving you so as to set your expectations clearly.

The following are the basic commitments we make to all our customers:



We are committed to:

- enabling you to contact us in the way you prefer – by telephone,  online, in writing or in person; Contact Us page has multiple options:

- being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you to report any faults or service difficulties; Ruby live chat available via the homepage:

- providing you with a resolution to your issues within established service standards. Self help support section with Rub on every page:


Service Standard

We are committed to giving you the best possible customer experience. We have established a series of performance indicators to closely monitor and review internal service impacting functions in the different departments as well as external service delivery, to ensure the highest standards of customer service to you. We will:

- Endeavour to answer as many calls as practicably possible within normal business hours 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

- Acknowledge your email queries without unreasonable delay;

- Respond to your requests without unreasonable delay;

- Provide written responses to your queries if you have requested the same.


Billing and Payments

We are committed to:

- Providing you with bills that are accurate and easy to understand while giving you access to the details you need;

- Presenting your bill in a form that suits your needs, with options including online, paper, summarized and itemized;

- Providing you with a range of easily accessible payment methods, which allow you to be in control of your payments



We are committed to complying with the Telecommunications Code (Part 4) (Investigation of Complaints by Consumers, Facilitation of Relief and Resolution of Related Disputes) Procedures, 2010 (“Telecommunications Code Part 4).

Pursuant to the relevant sections contained in the Telecommunications Code Part 4, in relation to our obligation to resolve complaints, and our general duties, in the event you have a formal complaint, we are committed to:

- attending to your concerns or complaints promptly, thoroughly and fairly; being courteous in our communication with you on how we propose to act, how long it should take and the outcome;

- directing you to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission if you feel that we cannot resolve your complaint with us.

Please contact us using the information below.

- Telephone: Mobile Digicel customers #100, from any other line 300-1000

- Send a letter to us:  5th Floor Jayla place, Road Town, Tortola

- Send us an e-mail:

- Visit our retail stores – Waterfront Drive in Tortola and Rose Plaza in Virgin Gorda

When submitting your complaint, please include the following information:

- Your name and address;

- If your complaint is submitted by a representative, the name and address of the representative;

- Your Account number or any other number for identification;

- Your Contact information or that of your representative including, postal address, and where available, telephone number, fax number and electronic mail address;

- Date of the complaint;

- Complete details of the complaint, including clear and specific information on specific issues that your are dissatisfied with or have a grievance in relation to.

We are committed to:

- acknowledge your complaint within five business days from the date we receive your complaint;

- convey to you a timeframe in, which your complaint will be addressed; and such other information relevant to the investigation and resolution process;

- investigate and resolve your complaint within twenty business days of receiving your complaint, except where objective reasons make such a complaint impossible to investigate and resolve within that time frame. If, however, it takes more than twenty business days to investigate and resolve your complaint, we will endeavor to resolve it in the shortest possible timeframe and provide you with regular updates.

If we require additional information in order to resolve your complaint, we will promptly communicate this to you.  Where possible, such communication shall be done in writing.

If you remain dissatisfied with the manner in, which we resolve your complaint or where we have failed to resolve the complaint within a reasonable timeframe, you may submit your complaint to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.