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BVI Promotion

Love without Limits!

Connected SIMS for Valentine's!


Start Date: January 30, 2024
End Date: March 1, 2024


1. What is the Double SIM Plan?

The Double SIM Offer is an offer where a new customer who buys a prepaid SIM will get a second SIM for free. The two (2) sims will be able to have endless calls between the 2 numbers for 12 months.


2. What is the price of the service?

Currently, the Double SIM offer is for $20. For this offer, one of the sims, becomes the Master/Primary number and both sims will also receive,  $10 top up and a free 5 Day Ultra Bundle.


3. What are the customer requirements for this offer?

  • In order to keep the benefit of endless calls between the numbers for the long term, both SIMs will require a minimum top up of $3.00 a month or buy any of our data/bundles plans within the following 30 days.
  • Once the requirement is completed, the two numbers will be able to call each other free of charge for the next 12 months.
  • Get 25% Off in your following 5 Day Prime Ultra Bundle until Auguts 31st (was $29.99 - now $22.49)


4. Who can I call with the unless minutes given in Double Sim Offer?

You will only be able to call the second sim number provided during the initial purchase of your new sim.  As those two phones are linked in the system to allow for free calls between them.


5. What happens if a customer does not perform an action within the 30 Day period?

  • If one does not perform the required $3 top up or plan purchase within the 30 day period, the number will longer have access to the endless calls benefit. However,  the SIMS will continue to be active, and the customer will have a regular life cycle thereafter.
  • Number will be given another 30 days to top up or activate a plan to keep the sim active. If not done, the number will become inactive.


6. How does a customer be removed from Double Sim Offer?

A customer is removed from the offer by 1) One of the double sim offer numbers does not follow the requirements, 2) Customer can call in to have the plan halted prematurely via Customer Care (#100)


7. Can I change the numbers from Double Sim Offer?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the number that you signed up with for this Double Sim Offer at any point in time.


8. Do the requirements apply to both sim numbers on the Double Sim Offer?

Yes, they do.


9. What type of transactions qualify for Service extension?

Top ups of any amount (minimum of $3)

Purchase of any of our data/bundle plans.


10. Can one number be in multiple Double SIM Offer groups at once?

No. Number can only be associated with one group throughout the duration of the plan.


11. Does the plan auto renew?

Yes. Plan allows auto renewal once both sim holders of Double Sim Offer meet the monthly requirements of plan.


12. How long will this offer be available?

The offer will be available from January 30th  with second sim activation complimentary if activating Double Sim Offer, no end date as yet.


13. Is there a limit for the free calls between the Double SIMs?

Minutes that will be awarded upon the activation of the New Double SIM Plan which will be set at endless minutes per month per user. Each sim holder will receive endless minutes each month. N.B. this is only if requirements to keep service active is kept.


14. Why aren’t my call going through?

Free calls will only be successful once airtime is active on both accounts. If the airtime expires on one or both accounts, calls will not go through (customers will still be required to top up and maintain their account).


15. At what rate will customers be charged if they have exhausted the 2,500 minutes limit?

If the customer reaches the limit for the month they will be charged the regular PayGo rate for.


16. How will customers be charged if they have a Prime Bundle Plan active?

If the customer activates a Prime Bundle or Voice Pack, the Double SIM Plan minutes will be used first.


17. Will the Double SIM Plan minutes rollover?

Minutes from the Double SIM Offer will not rollover.


18. Will customers be notified upon the expiry of the Double SIM Plan?

Yes, customers will receive an expiration message once the plan expires. “Your Double sim offer has ended. Top up or buy a plan within 30 days to keep your number active. Dial *284# or visit P.mydgicel.net to activate.”


19. Can I activate any plan with the Double SIM Offer?

New customers can activate all other existing plans while on the Double Sim Offer.


20. What sequence will be used while on the Double SIM Plan for minutes?

Local Digi Calls:

Double Sim Offer -  Bonus - Voice Plan - Prime Minutes - Main Credit


21. Where can I check my balance for Double Sim Offer?

You can check your balance via MyDigicel App.


22. Can I use this offer while roaming?

You will not be able to use this offer while roaming Regional or International.


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