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Effective  March 8th 2023, we at Digicel+ are committed to listening to you and acting upon your feedback to ensure we deliver the best home and entertainment experience in the BVI.


Over the past months – you have shared your concerns of the challenges regarding billing.


Today, we have some exciting news to share with you! As of April 1st 2023, enhancements will take effect allowing you additional time at the end of each month to settle your bill payments.


Our billing cycle will be changed effective March 8th, 2023. The new bill period will run from the 8th of the current month to the 7th of the following month. As a result, the current bill due date, 27th of each month, will now be changed to the 3rd/4th of the following month.


For illustration purpose:













Bill Cycle


1st April – 30th April


8th May – 7th June       


Bill Due Date


27th April




3rd June




Late fee applied


30th April


6th June






To seamlessly implement the above changes, for the month of April only, you will be billed for a period of five weeks, which represents the service period April 1st to May 7th 2023.


In May, this will be normalized as you will be billed for the period May 8th to June 7th 2023, which represents the new billing cycle, and this will continue going forward.


The above changes were important to help you - our customers make payments with comfort. We do encourage you to continue making your payments in full and on time for continued ease of access. 


Payments can be made at any of our Digicel locations, with our Call Center & via the MyDigicel App.


If you require any further details, please use our Live Chat option available on digicelbvi.com & via the My Digicel App. In addition - you can call us from your Digicel mobile phone at #100, or from any other phone at 300-1000.


Yours sincerely,



British Virgin Islands