Unlimited 7 Day Plan - FAQs

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Unlimited 7 Day Plan

Frequently Asked Questions activate the plan

1.      What is the Unlimted 7 Day Plan

The Unlimited 7 Day Plan allows Digicel customers to experience data, talk & more all completely unlimited for 7 days!


2.      What does the Unlimited entail?

Unlimited 7 day includes :

  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited Digicel Talk
  • Unlimited Whatsapp

Plus there’s more:

  • 500 Off Net minutes
  • 400 Local Digicel SMS

3.      How long is plan valid for?

This Plan is valid for 7 days after purchase. E.g Mary purchases an Unlimited 7 day bundle on Monday at 6:55pm. Therefore, her plan will be valid until the following Monday (7days later) at 6:55 pm.


4.      How do I activate this plan?

The 7 Day Unlimited Plan can be activiated only in the My Digicel App under ‘BettaFeta’ in ‘Available Plans’.


5.      What is the cost?

The Unlimited 7 Day plan can be activated at only $35.


6.      Is this a bolt on? 

No. This is a completely NEW stand alone bundle which allows for endless usage of data, your favourite apps, Digicel local talk & more!


7.      Does the Unlimited 7 Day autorenew?

Yes this plan will autorenew by default once sufficient credit is on the account. You may choose to opt out of this auto renewal in the My Digicel App.


8.      Does the minutes and SMS rollover?

Yes, plan qualifies for both roll over Off Net minutes & SMS.


9.      What happens if I do not have sufficient credit to auto renew the plan?

If you do not have sufficient credit at the time the plan is set to auto renew, the plan will expire.


10.  What happens if my Off Net minutes are exhausted in the 7 Day Unlimited bundle and I attempt to make off net calls?

You will still be able to make Off Net calls however you will be charged at the local overage rate.





  • The grace period in which subscribers can keep their minutes and SMS after plan expiry is 48 hours or they will loose their rollover.
  • Bonus Credit/ Credit Advance CANNOT be used to activate the plan.



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Unlimited 7 Day Plan - FAQs