LTE Frequently Asked Questions

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LTE FAQs and T&Cs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is LTE?

  • LTE is Long Term Evolution, a 4th generation mobile technology.

2. Why LTE?

  • LTE, was introduced in order to improve the mobile phone standard and to cope with the needs and demands of future networks as they evolve and expand to meet customers’ needs.

3. What are the advantages of LTE?

  • An increased capacity which will bring new and better services to users through high-speed access anytime, anywhere. Users will be able to stream data, video, and VoIP from live areas with no delay.   Giving an ultimately better user experience.
  • Live areas are as follows:

Argyle                                     Arnos Vale                               Akers

Barrouallie                              Belmont                                    Calliaqua

Campden Park                                    Cane Garden                          Diamond

Dorsetshire Hill                        Fort Charlotte                          Kings Hill

Kingstown                                Layou                                       Mesopotamia

Monkey Hill                             Pembroke Hill                          Pilgrim Hill

Prospect                                   Questelles                                                       


4. What speed does LTE offer?

  • The Digicel LTE network is capable of offering speeds of up to 100 Mbps. However, the user experience could vary depending on the location and network load at that moment.



5.  Which areas will have LTE coverage?

  • LTE will offer 50% Island wide coverage.


6.  How do I determine whether my device is LTE-compatible?

  • Check your device to ensure it can work on Digicel’s 700 MHz - Band 10. Not sure how to find your phone’s frequencies?
  • First, get your device ID number (IMEI), by dialing *#06# on your phone. Then click here to use our LTE Device checker
  • You can also view your phone information (usually found in ‘Settings’) for the model number or do a Google search to get the correct frequency settings for that model.


Customers with these devices should adjust their data settings to ensure “LTE” is available on their handsets. Because the service is backward compatible, their handsets will automatically revert to 4G in areas where there is no LTE coverage.

  • To adjust data speed settings on your 4G LTE compatible handset: 
    • Android OS
      • Settings --> Mobile Networks --> Network Mode -->select “LTE/WCDMA/GSM (auto connect)”
  • Apple iOS
    • Settings -->Cellular -->Cellular Data à Cellular Data Options-->Voice & Data à select “LTE”
  • Blackberry OS
    • Settings à Mobile network -->Data Services -->Network Mode -->select “LTE & 4G/ 3G & 2G”


After you have determined that device will work with the Digicel LTE frequency, you may need to upgrade to a USIM in order to receive the signal on your device. To check SIM compatibility, please visit your nearest Digicel store.


7. What if I have a non-LTE device, will I get high-speed mobile data as well?

  • You will enjoy the same 4G speed, dependent on your device capabilities. If you would like to get the Digicel LTE experience, please visit your nearest Digicel store for a range of LTE-compatible devices.



8. Do I need to be on a data plan to access LTE data speeds?

  • Customers who do not have an active data plan can also access LTE data speeds at our Pay As You Go rates depending on selected plan within the LTE coverage areas. We recommend that our customers sign up to a data plan while using LTE services in order to avoid any unplanned expenses at Pay As You Go rates. 

9. What are the available LTE plans?

  • Prepaid LTE plans available with Unlimited Digicel Local Calls, Unlimited WhatsApp Messaging, FREE Local News Content Usage from SVG TV or Playgo, FREE YouTube.

Prepaid LTE Plan details and Free Benefits:

** All plans offer Unlimited WhatsApp messaging.


Postpaid LTE Plan details and Free Benefits:

  • New Postpaid Freedom plans available with Unlimited Digicel Local Calls, Unlimited WhatsApp Messaging, FREE Local News Content Usage from SVG TV and FREE YouTube or PlayGo.


#   Unlimited Data for first 3 months.   + 20% discount to any higher plan will be offered at the expiry of Data Test Drive. Offer expires month 4.    

@ Calls to USA, Canada (fixed/mobile), UK (fixed)    * Inc. access to Local News, PlayGo and YouTube.
% Includes unlimited access to WhatsApp messaging/video/voice, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.  $ Consumer FUP applies

Note that the RLYH Bolt-On may not be available at launch and will follow quickly thereafter.


10. How do I sign up for a LTE plan?

  • Prepaid: To continue to access LTE speeds customers are encouraged to sign up for one of Digicel’s existing prepaid data plans via MyDigicel App, MyDigicel Web or *140# and follow the prompts.  Once you complete the activation process you will receive an SMS confirming activation.


  • Postpaid: To continue to access LTE speeds customers are encouraged to sign up for one of Digicel’s Freedom Plans.
    • New Postpaid customers may visit an authorized Digicel dealer with the required documents in order to activate a Freedom Plan.
    • Existing Postpaid customers may switch to one of the new Freedom plans by visiting an authorized Digicel dealer.
    • Add-On bundles can be purchased via My Digicel and Web.
    • Free Benefits of Unlimited WhatsApp and FREE YouTube, Playgo and Local News content will be activated upon the activation of the Freedom Plan.
    • Roam Like You’re Home Caribbean will be activated upon activation of the POSTPAID MAX plan.


  • Using the MyDigicel App or MyDigicel Web
    1. Download the MyDigicel App from the Play or App Store for your handset. Once the MyDigicel App is launched, customers are required to sign-in with Digicel ID (Auto-Login will activate if customer has a valid Digicel number and is connected to mobile data) if the service was not completed prior.
    2. Once logged in, customers will be required to scroll to the plan option and select the preferred plan to activate.
    3. Upon successful activation, customers will receive a confirmation SMS along with a notification message displayed on the MyDigicel App.

To avoid unexpected out-of-plan/bundle charges, customers are advised NOT to browse until they have received a confirmation SMS advising that the Data plan has been activated.


11. Will I need credit on my account to access LTE Data?

  • Customers are required to have credit to be able to activate a data plan or to access LTE at Pay As You Go rates.


12. Will the plans renew?

  • Prepaid: Yes. Customers will receive a notification 2 days and 1 day before their Prepaid LTE plan expires advising that their plan will auto renew.
  1. If at expiry the customer has sufficient credit, the plan will auto renew.
  2. If the customer had insufficient credit at plan expiry plan auto renewal would fail and the Prepaid LTE Plan ends.
  3. Customers will also be able to opt out of auto-renewal via UMM or the My Digicel App or the My Digicel Web.
  4. Free Benefits once activated do not auto-renew, subscribers must opt-in daily to avail of the 1 Hour benefit.


  • Postpaid: Freedom Plans will not renew, they will remain active unless the account status is changed.  
  1. Free Benefits of Unlimited WhatsApp and FREE YouTube, Playgo and Local News content will auto-renew upon the end of the 30 day period.
  2. Add-On bundles can be purchased via My Digicel and Web.



13. What rate do I pay if I use my phone as a modem or hotspot with a computer (i.e. Tethering)?

  • Tethering is charged from the available data bundles allotted to your selected data plan. If a data plan is not activated, data consumption will be charged at Pay As You Go rates.





14. Can I use my Non-GPRS compatible handset to access LTE Data Bundles?

  • Only LTE Band 10 (700MHz) & Band 20 (1900MHZ) devices can be used to access LTE speeds.


15. Can I use a Data Card, USB modem, MIFI device to access Digicel LTE?

  • The device must be unlocked and compatible with LTE Band 10 (700MHz) & LTE Band 20 (1900MHz); a USB modem that uses SIM cards.


16. Am I able to use LTE data services when I roam outside of St. Vincent?

  • Prepaid data roaming is automatically enabled for prepaid customers. Your ability to access LTE data speeds when roaming is dependent on the data capability of the roaming network. Post-paid customers should contact customer care to have roaming enabled prior to departing.



17. What should I do if I am unable to access LTE Speeds?

  • Verify that your SIM is LTE compatible and if not, please visit a Digicel location for a SIM replacement.
  • Verify that LTE coverage is available in your area
  • Confirm that the network settings on the handset are set to LTE
  • Verify the APN is set to for postpaid and for prepaid
  • Ensure that the handset is LTE capable with Band 10 (700MHz) or Band 20 (1900MHz) by using our device checker on our website.
  • Verify that a data plan is activated, or that there is sufficient credit.



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