FAQs: Unlimited Social

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Unlimited Social - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Unlimited Social Plan?

Digicel will be giving prepaid customers the opportunity to enjoy an Unlimited Social Plan. This promotion is available from March 1st 2018 for a limited time. Digicel reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.


How much does it cost to activate the Unlimited Social Plan? 

The Unlimited Social Plan is available for ECD 3.00

 Validity      Messages   Voice and Video Calls   Video Streaming 
 1 day   Yes  No  Yes, you can stream videos as part of your unlimited social plan 


What are the applications included in the Unlimited Social Plan?

The Apps included in the Social Apps plan are: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Does the Facebook App include the use of the Facebook Messenger App within the Unlimited Social Plan?



Will I be able to access other applications, websites (or Facebook Messenger App) with my Unlimited Social Plan?

No. To protect your unused credit balance you must purchase a standard data plan if you wish to access other applications, websites or Facebook Messenger App during the validity period of the Unlimited Social Plan.


Can I purchase the Unlimited WhatsApp Messaging and Voice Plan if I already purchased the Unlimited Social Plan?

Yes. You may have both plans and have them running at the same time. However, each plan will have its own expiry date so please be mindful of each plan’s  individual expiry.


Can I activate more than one Unlimited Social Plan at the same time?

No. You will not be able to activate more than one Unlimited Social Plan at the same time. However, you may activate another Unlimited Social Plan as soon as the first one expires.


Can I use YouTube Unlimited on the Unlimited Social Plan?

No. YouTube is not one of the apps being offered on this plan so it will attract standard rates for data.


Is the Unlimited Social Plan available to all customers?

The Unlimited Social Plan is available to all Digicel prepaid customers.


How does the Unlimited Social Plan work?

The Unlimited Social Plan is a separate plan that is accessible to customers with or without an active bundle/plan.


Does my Unlimited Social Plan include auto-renewal?

No. Your Unlimited Social Plan will not auto-renew and will expire 1 day after the activation. At the end of your 1 day subscription you´ll need to buy a new Unlimited Social Plan to stay connected.


Am I able to use my Unlimited Social Plan while roaming?

No. If you activate the Unlimited Social Plan and you travel outside of your country (roaming) you will be on standard data roaming charges.


Will I be able to activate the Social Plan with a Blackberry device?

Yes. The Unlimited Social Plan is available to users of both Blackberry and Non-Blackberry devices.


If I switch to another plan when I am on an active Unlimited Social Plan, will my Unlimited Social Plan continue to be active?

Yes. You will be able to enjoy unlimited browsing and streaming on the Unlimited Social Plan until the specified expiry date and time.


Will I receive a message to tell me when my Unlimited Social Plan is about to expire?

Yes. You will receive a notification message 8hrs before expiry stating:

“Your Unlimited Social plan will expire at 11:59pm tonight. Stay connected and take advantage of this limited time offer again at p.mydigicel.net or dial *140#


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FAQs: Unlimited Social