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Digicel's 4G LTE Network Has Arrived!

You’ve never experienced streams this fast! It’s the only LTE you’ll ever need. Get it now.

LTE will deliver the best mobile data experience by effectively removing buffering. This will allow you to view and access all your favourite content like Netflix, YouTube, SKYPE, download and upload files much faster.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Faster data speeds
  • Video streaming without buffering
  • Faster internet browsing 
  • Attach large email files faster 
  • Post photos and updates to social networks faster 
  • Download photos, apps and music faster

We're So Much More Than Great Coverage!

Digicel LTE delivers data speeds up to 20 times faster than our competitors, ranging between 15-20 Mbps, approximately 3 times faster than existing 4G speeds.

It's easy. You only need four things to take advantage of LTE:

  • A compatible SIM
  • Device
  • Plan 
  • Phone settings turned onto LTE.

We have been providing customers with LTE SIMs for over a year. If you have an older SIM and you are not sure if it is LTE, you can come by the Digicel Flagship store, and if we needed we will give you a new one for free.

We offer compatible phones for free on new LTE Postpaid Smartphone Plans. If you want assistance try our web chat or visit us in store.

Please note you will need the latest iOS system.

Join The Best 4G LTE Network!

Connect to the people and things you love, faster than ever before. Digicel’s LTE network give you superfast speeds 3 times faster than 4G! Compatible devices will now enjoy continuous glitch-free video and smooth streaming and HD voice calling with crystal clear clarity.




Plans & Services

Think faster, stream faster, and be faster with a LTE plan

Data & Talk Bundles

With Digicel’s Cayman Prepaid plans, there are no bills and no rental or connection fees; you simply pay as you go!

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Local Calling Plans

With our bundles of local minutes you will pay as little as 3c per minute, a saving of 90% on the standard rates.

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Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a new mobile technology that offers significantly faster internet speeds than current 4G networks.

New customers can visit the Digicel store locations to sign up for LTE data services. 

Once Digicel switches on the LTE network:

Existing Prepaid Customers will not need to get an LTE SIM Card. Those who are not using a USIM will need to obtain a new SIM card. (Must have an LTE capable device with LTE settings turned on)

New Prepaid Customers will automatically obtain an LTE SIM card to use the LTE service.

Existing Postpaid Customers will need to obtain a new LTE SIM card in our stores to access the LTE Network. The service will be provisioned in E-care.

New Postpaid Customers will automatically obtain an LTE SIM card to use the LTE service.


Although LTE is a data centric network, a customer will retain all existing voice and SMS functionality. LTE will allow for faster use in the transfer of data files etc.., but will not impact your voice service or quality in any way. Voice will remain on 2G network.

You can verify the settings on your handset to confirm whether or not it is LTE capable. Follow the below instructions for the type of device that applies to you:

Android: Settings > Network Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Mode >

  • If it is LTE > LTE/WCDMA/GSM  (auto connect)
  • If not LTE > WCDMA/GSM  (auto connect)

I-Phone: Settings > Cellular > Voice and Data > LTE – 3G – 2G.

Windows: Settings Mobile Networks > Highest Connection Speed > LTE / 3G

Yes. Digicel has a wide range of LTE capable devices in its stores for both prepaid and postpaid customers. All subscribers will receive a free 1 month data plan (Prepaid - 3GB, Postpaid - 5GB), and one month and access to Rdio, Netflix, SportsMax, ESPN and HBO Go.

*Handset prices are the same for both new and existing postpaid subscribers based on price plan selected. 

Our LTE network will work well with any LTE handset which supports 700 MHz. 2G/4G devices can connect to the network but will not be able to access LTE speeds.

Yes. All customers should change the APN settings from web/ to (this needs to be changed!!!)

Not at launch. We will advise in due course when this is available, but customers will be able to Roam on 4G network. 

In case you move out of an LTE coverage area, there is no need to worry, we will still have a fully functioning 4G and 2G network running parallel to our LTE Mobile network. Your device will automatically connect to the available 4G or GPRS/EDGE network until the LTE network is available. The switch between networks is seamless.

Digicel has full LTE coverage in (country name). The remainder of the island will have LTE coverage in due course.


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