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What is CaribFLEX?

CaribFLEX is a top-up service offered by Digicel through Via One, MC Systems & EZETOP.  As well as independent merchants, including convenience stores and gas stations.

CaribFLEX allows persons living in the United States of America (predominantly in New York, Connecticut and Southern Florida), Canada and Cayman to add credit to any Digicel Antigua prepaid account.  The service is also available to Digicel Prepaid Roamers and migrants wishing to keep in touch with their friends and relatives back home.

Can I purchase a handset and SIM using CaribFlex?

No. Handsets and SIM are not yet available.

How does CaribFLEX work?

Persons can visit any authorized CaribFlex dealer in the United States, Canada, and Cayman to purchase credit for Digicel prepaid subscribers.

For example:

Robin (US resident) wishes to add curr 10.00 credit Victoria’s prepaid account.

Robin visits ANY CaribFLEX  location.

Robin gives the teller approx. USD 5.00.

The teller uses the system to add curr 10.00 credit to Victoria’s prepaid account.

Victoria will receive the following text message on her mobile informing her that curr 10.00 credit has been added to her account: “You have received curr10 courtesy of CaribFlex. Your new balance is 15.02 and your reference number is 123456789.”

Robin will receive a receipt indicating the following:

Top-up Amount / Voucher Amount

Serial number / Transaction Number

The phone number to which the credit was added

Transaction Date and Time

What denominations can I purchase?

CaribFlex vouchers are sold in variable amounts in the local currency, whether US$, CAD, or GBP.

Is there a charge to use this service?

No. There is no charge for the use of this service.

 Where can I access CaribFLEX in the USA?

CaribFLEX can be purchased in the USA in Connecticut, Florida and New York at selected merchants, independent convenience & wireless stores and gas stations.  Just visit our Carib Flex page for a list of CaribFLEX partners.

How will I know if my transaction is successful?

The person sending the credit will receive a receipt indicating that the credit has been added.

The prepaid customer receiving the credit will receive a text message indicating that the credit has been successfully added to their account. The text message is as follows: “You have received currXXX courtesy of CaribFlex. Your new balance is XXX and your reference number is XXXXXXXXX.”

What is the exchange rate when purchasing credit?

In the USA

Exchange rates will vary by distributor and are subject to change.

ViaOne Technologies Inc. - US$ 1.00 -> curr$ 1.8858

Management Control Systems - US$ 1.00 -> curr$ 2.03875

Ezetop - US$ 1.00 -> curr$ 2.03875


ViaOne – A customer wishing to purchase curr 5.00 credit will need to give the sales representative USD 2.65

MC Systems - A customer wishing to purchase curr 5.00 credit will need to give the sales representative USD 2.45

Ezetop - A customer wishing to purchase curr 5.00 credit will need to give the sales representative USD 2.45

Will my airtime expiry time remain the same for each denomination purchased?

Yes. For each Voucher purchased the respective airtime will remain the same.

What are the different mobile phones available for sale and the cost associated with them?

Currently you are not  able to purchase handsets at CaribFLEX locations.

At which CaribFLEX locations can SIM cards be purchased?

Currently you are not able to purchase SIM cards at CaribFLEX locations.

Will I receive the monthly promotion after if my first top up for the month is done via CaribFLEX?

Yes. CaribFLEX top-ups are treated as a regular one so all promotional offerings are the same.

Do I receive some form of receipt for my transaction?

Yes. You will receive a receipt much like the one shown here which can be kept for your records.

If I am roaming, can someone use CaribFLEX to add credit to my account? 

Yes. Even though you are not in Antigua and Barbuda, anyone within the USA, Canada or UK can use CaribFLEX to add credit to your Digicel prepaid account.

What should I do if I am roaming in the UK or USA and purchase credit using CaribFLEX, but the credit is not added to my account? 

You can go back to the CaribFLEX location with your receipt or call 1-268-726-3444 (Roaming charges will apply).

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