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What is Rollover Data & Talk?

Rollover data and talk is a benefit on our Quick Pick bundles and selected postpaid plans where unused data and talk from your plan allowances are rolled over.

As a prepaid customer, how do I access this service?

As a prepaid customer you can access the rollover data and talk enhancement feature by activating a Quick Pick bundle via the MyDigicel App or the Website.

As a postpaid customer, how do I access this service?

As a postpaid customer, rollover data and talk enhancement is automatic once you’re on a select Postpaid plan and you pay your bill on time.

Is Rollover a promotion, meaning is it available for a limited time?

Rollover data and talk is Digicel’s latest offer designed to keep you seamlessly connected to the things you love without worrying about losing your unused data or talk. Once you are on a selected prepaid plan, you are eligible to receive rollover data and talk while the offer is available and subject to these terms and conditions as well as the terms and condition for the relevant plan/bundle purchased.

Is there a maximum or minimum that can be rolled over?

You will never lose any of your unused data or any second of unused talk as long as you auto-renew or repurchase your prepaid plan/bundle before it expires. However, if you repurchase your plan within the relevant ‘grace period’, the amount of data you can rollover will be capped at 15GBs and your voice rollover will not be impacted.

What is ‘grace period’?

Grace period refers to the period of time after a customer’s existing plan expires that unused data and minutes can be redeemed if a plan is repurchased within that period. If you fail to top-up in time to avail of the unlimited rollover benefits, Digicel may allow you a Grace Period where you can top-up and still retain some of your rollover benefits. The length of the Grace period and the amount of rollover you can avail of if you top up during the Grace Period will be the ones published on the Digicel website at the time your plan expires. The Grace period benefits may vary depending on your plan expiry date.  The current grace period on all prepaid plans/bundles is counted from the time your plan expires to midnight of the day of expiration of your plan/bundle. This means that once your current bundle/plan expires, you have from the time plan/bundle expires to midnight of that day to repurchase this plan and rollover your unused data and minutes. However, where any plan/bundle is repurchased during the grace period, the amount of data you can rollover will be capped at 15GBs.

How is plan validity affected?

The duration of all plans will now expire at the exact time that the plan has come to the end of its validity. This will be communicated in all relevant plan/bundle messaging.

Will my rolled over data and talk accumulate month on month?

Yes, as long as you are on a Quick Pick bundle, you’ll never lose your unused data or talk once you renew or repurchase a plan/bundle before the plan expires while it will be capped if you repurchase during the relevant grace period.

Is there an additional cost for accessing the rollover enhancement feature?

There is no additional cost to start enjoying rollover data and talk as this is now offered as part of our Quick Pick bundles and new post-paid plans subject the terms and conditions of the offer. 

When do I lose my Rollover Data and Talk?

As long as you are on a Quick Pick bundle and do not allow it to expire or always purchase a new bundle/plan before it expires or you pay your postpaid select plan bill on time, you’ll never lose your used data or talk. If you renew your bundle or plan after it has expired but within ‘grace period’, your rollover data will be capped at 15GBs.

How do I discontinue this service?

The unused benefit will automatically rollover as long as you repurchase within the grace period. Customers are to be encouraged not to lose their rollover benefit, continue purchasing and renewing your Quick Pick bundle. 

Can I use the unused benefits after the plan expires?

No, after your bundle expires your unused benefits will be frozen. However, unused benefits will available for rollover once you repurchase a Quick Pick bundle by midnight on the day your plan expires.

What happens if my bundle is depleted before it expires?

Customers will be required to repurchase a Quick Pick bundle once their current benefits are depleted. 

Will I receive a message to tell me when the bundles are completely used?

Yes, all customers on a Quick Pick bundle or a select Postpaid plan will receive notifications to advise that the bundle is completely used.

Can I a roll over more than one plan at a time?

Yes, as long as you are buying a Quick Pick bundle.

Will my bundles rollover if I activate a different plan?

If you currently have a Quick Pick bundle and want to buy another Quick Pick bundle then your unused benefits will rollover to your new purchase of one of the following:

  • Talk  to mixed bundle: only talk rolls over
  • Data to mixed bundle: only Data rolls over
  • Mixed bundles to talk only: only talk rolls over
  • Mixed bundles to data only: only Data rolls over

If you currently have a Quick Pick bundle and want to buy a legacy bundle or vice versa, then the rollover will not be applicable.

Will my rollover benefit be used first?

Your rollover benefit is applied to your current bundle and will reflect one balance so you can browse, stream and chat to your heart content.

How do I auto renew, instead of activating each time a plan expires?

Your Quick Pick bundle can be auto-renewed easily. Once there is sufficient credit on your account, the plan can be auto-renewed by using the MyDigicel App or by dialing *140# self-help option. Postpaid plans are automatically renewed on the first of each month as long as you do not opt out

Is there a maximum amount of talk minutes or data that can be accumulated?

There is no limit to the amount of data or talk so you can browse, stream and chat to your heart’s content.

How do I check my available voice minutes, SMS and data balance?

Customers can check their balance via the MyDigicel App or by using the 140#  self-help option.

How do I reactivate this service?

You can reactivate your Quick Pick bundle via the MyDigicel App or by using *140# self-help option.

How do I check the balance of the voice or data bundle that was rolled over?

The rollover benefit is applied to your current bundle and will reflect one balance.

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