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1. What is Call Me?

Need to make a call but out of credit or your credit less than the cost to send a text message? No worries! We give you 3 “Call Me Request” messages per day to send to numbers on all Digicel networks.

2. How does the Call Me services work?

Just dial *126*<your friend’s number># then press SEND, e.g. *128*1784XXXXXXX# 

3. How it works?

Just dial *126*<your friend’s number># then press SEND, e.g. *128*1784XXXXXXX# 

The recipient will get a message requesting that they call you.

4. Can postpaid customers send Call Me?

No. The service is only available to prepaid customers.

5. Is there a cost to use the Call Me?

No. It is free to send a Call Me.

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