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Number Portability Description

Number Portability (NP) is the process which allows a subscriber to change service while retaining an existing phone number.


Number Portability FAQ


•      How often can I port my number?

  • Subscribers can only port their number once every sixty calendar days (two months).


•      How long would it take to port?

  • Mobile number (single #) – One working day
  • Mobile number (group) – Two working days

•      What is required for porting?

  • Active SIM
  • Signed porting request form
  • Form of photo identification: a) National ID Card, b) Driving Permit and c) Passport
  • Validation/Proof of ownership: SMS, IVR (fixed numbers)

•      Note: In addition to the above, a copy of latest bill or a printout of the subscriber details are required for Postpaid accounts


•      What happens to my credit?

  • Subscribers will lose any unused credit after porting. Voicemail messages will also be removed.


•      What happens if I have an outstanding bill?

•      Postpaid:

  • The porting request can be denied if the subscriber has one or more outstanding bills on the account.

•      Prepaid:

  • Porting will not be canceled if the subscriber has any debt.
  • Subscribers are liable to pay all outstanding balances.


•      Can I port before my contract expires?

  • Yes, however, subscribers must pay the early termination charges.


•      Can I port my mobile number to a fixed account?

  • No. Numbers can only be ported to services of the same type; mobile to mobile, etc..


•      What happens if I have a business account?

  • If the account contains the name of the authorized signatory (specified on the bill or account) that person shall be authorized to conduct the port as the “Subscriber”.
  • If not, the porting form must be signed by an appropriate legal representative of the organisation and an identity check will be done.


•      What happens if I want to port back?

  • Subscribers can port back within 14 days after porting out. However, the donor now recipient network is not obligated to accept the port in request.
  • If 14 days have passed, the subscriber would have to wait the 60 days before submitting the request.


•      Can someone port on my behalf?

•      Postpaid/Prepaid subscribers can designate an authority for porting in writing however internal checks should still be completed for authentication purposes.