free phone upgrade FAQs

70,000 Free Phone Upgrades FAQs

The following are the Terms and Conditions governing the use of this Promotion:

1.       How are customers selected to receive the free phones?

We have selected our top 70,000 2G talkers.


2.       Why aren’t 4G customers who talk a lot also getting an upgrade?

We have decided at this time only to give 2G customers the free upgrades since we want them to experience data on our new network. However, for all other customers we have great offers they can take advantage of, including: 25% off unlimited data plans up to 1 year.


3.       I am a 2G customer, why wasn’t I selected?

Sorry at this time we’ve only selected the 70,000 customers who spend the most time talking on our network. However, if you wish to purchase an LTE smartphone you will get up to 25% off unlimited plans for up to 1 year.


4.       If I am selected for a free phone upgrade, how will I know?

Selected customers will receive a text message or call from Digicel with instructions advising them on how to get the free phone upgrade.


5.       Are there any costs associated with the free phone upgrades?

The cost of the phone upgrade is free, however customers that qualify may be required to pay a minimal fee to cover government taxes, up to $120


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free phone upgrade FAQs