Playboy Pack Promo Terms & Conditions

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Playboy Pack Promotion T&C'S

1.      What is the Playboy Pack Promotion?

For a limited time, new subscribers to the Playboy Pack will benefit from 3 months at 50% OFF the regular price of $99.00 VAT Inclusive/month (the “Promotion”). The Playboy Pack includes the following 5 premium adult channels:

·         Playboy TV

·         Venus

·         Sextreme

·         Penthouse

·         Brazzers

2.      How long is this Promotion valid for?

Any customer who signs up for the Playboy Pack between now and October 31st, 2019 will benefit from this Promotion.

3.      I already have the Playboy Pack. Can I benefit from this Promotion?

No, this offer is only valid for customers who are not currently subscribed to the Playboy Pack.

4.      How much will I pay for the Playboy Pack if I participate in this Promotion?

If you participate in this Promotion, you will pay $49.50 VAT Inclusive for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd month of access to the Playboy Pack (the “Discount Period”), after which you will be charged the regular price of $99.00 VAT Inclusive:

Regular Subscription Price $99.00/month VAT Inclusive


Month 1: Reg Price $99          Now $49.50 VAT Inclusive

Month 2: Reg Price $99          Now $49.50 VAT Inclusive

Month 3: Reg price $99          Now $49.50 VAT Inclusive

Month 4 & Onwards:  $99.00 VAT Inclusive/month

5.      Am I required to keep the Playboy Pack after the 3 month Discount Period has ended?

Yes, you are required to keep the Playboy Pack for at least 1 month after the Discount Period ends.

6.      How can I sign up for the Playboy Promotional Pack?

If you are interested in the Playboy Pack, you can call 866-7529 or dial 500 from your Digicel Mobile and engage one of our friendly chat agents to help you sign up. You can also sign up discretely via our Add-ons page on our website.

7.      Can I prevent others from viewing my adult content channels?

Yes, you can use the Parental Control feature that will allow you to control the type of content that can be viewed in your home by channel, rating or time. Click here to learn more.

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Playboy Promo Terms and Conditions