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Carnival Hunt
Text To Win Promotion

Terms and Conditions


The following are the terms and conditions governing this promotion:

1.  What is Digicel’s “Carnival Hunt Text to Win” Promotion about?

  • Digicel’s “Carnival Hunt Text to Win” Promotion (“Promotion”) gives Digicel Prepaid and Postpaid mobile customers a chance to win weekly cash prizes and a chance to win a grand prize at the end of the Promotion.  This Promotion will run from 12:00 a.m. on Friday 7th February, 2020 to 11:59 p.m. on Monday 9th March, 2020 (“Promotional Period”).

2.  What are the prizes to be won and what are the draw dates?

  • The following is a list of the prizes and their corresponding draw dates:

Winner Category

No. of Winners


Applicable period

Draw Date

Weekly Prize Winners Category

1 Winner

TT $3,000.00

Week 1: 12:00 a.m. on 6th February, 2020 to 11:59 p.m. on 12th February, 2020

Thursday, 13th  February, 2020

1 Winner

TT $3,000.00

Week 2: 12:00 a.m. on 13th February, 2020 to 11:59 p.m. on 19th February, 2020

Thursday, 20th February, 2020

1 Winner

TT $3,000.00

Week 3: 12:00 a.m. on 20th February, 2020 to 11:59 p.m. on 26th February, 2020

Thursday, 27th February, 2020

Grand Prize Winner Category


1st place winner

1 Winner


All Weeks

Tuesday, 10th March,2020

2nd place winner

1 Winner


All Weeks

Tuesday, 10th March, 2020

3.  Exactly how will this Promotion work?

  • You can register for this Promotion by texting the keyword PLAY to the short code 8909 at a cost of TT$2.00.
  • Immediately after receiving confirmation of your registration for this Promotion, you will receive a text message advising of the type of token received, the amount of points assigned and your rank in the Promotion.
  • Once you are registered for this Promotion, each day you will automatically receive one of sixteen tokens and associated points for that day. The more points that you receive, the higher your rank in the Promotion.  The type of token awarded is randomly given.
  • You will be charged TT$2.00 for each daily token that has been sent to you.
  • In order to receive your daily token, you must have sufficient credit on your phone to cover the cost of each token.  If you do not have sufficient credit, you will not receive your token for the day.
  • You can text in the keyword FETE to 8181 to receive additional tokens and increase your total points in the Promotion.  The type of token awarded is randomly given.
  • You will be charged TT$2.00 each time you text the keyword FETE to 8181.
  • You will be ranked based on your total points accumulated for the particular week or the Promotional Period.
  • Prices are VAT inclusive.

4.  What are the tokens in this Promotion and how many points are assigned to each token?

  • Tokens and their corresponding points are shown in the table below:  

Token Name

Token Value

Arm bands

50 points


25 points


150 points


100 points


145 points


100 points

Head piece

25 points

Hydration pack

100 points


75 points

Music truck

200 points


25 points


125 points

Sun block

75 points

Waist piece

90 points

Water bottle

25 points


75 points

5.  Can I increase my points and rank in the Promotion?

  • Yes.  By texting “FETE” to 8181, you will be able to get more tokens to increase your points and rank in the Promotion.
  • Each text to 8181 will be at a cost of $2.00.

6.  Is there any other way to increase my points and rank in this Promotion?

  • Yes. Digicel will select random days during the Promotional Period in which the points assigned to tokens are multiplied; these are called ‘Bonus’ days. For example, you can get double or triple points on a token for that ‘Bonus’ day. This will allow you to increase your rank in the Promotion and will therefore increase your chance of winning a weekly prize or a grand prize.

7.  Will I be notified of a ‘Bonus’ day?

  • Yes.  As a participating customer, you will receive a text message notifying you of a ‘Bonus’ day.

8.  How are the winners selected?

  • For a weekly prize, the customer with the highest total accumulated points for that particular week will be awarded that week’s cash prize.
  • For a grand prize, the customer with the highest total accumulated points for the Promotional Period will be awarded a grand prize.

9.  Do I get a token for each text sent to 8181?

  • Yes. You will receive a token along with points and your current rank per request.
  • By texting “FETE” to 8181, you will be able to collect more tokens to increase your points and rank in the Promotion.

Note: Each text to 8181 will be at a cost of $2.00.

10.  Is there a cut off time for Grand Prize entries to be received?

  • Yes. All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. on Monday 9th March, 2020.

11.  How do I unsubscribe from this Promotion?

  • To unsubscribe from this Promotion, you can text the word EXIT to 8181 at no cost.

12.  How many times can I enter?

  • There is no limit to the number of times that you can enter.
  • The calculation by Digicel as to which customer earned the highest total accumulated points for a particular week or for the Promotional Period shall be accepted by all participants as final.

13.  How will I know if I have won?

  • If your entry was selected, you will be contacted via phone by a representative from Digicel.
  • The winner shall be deemed the person identified (by the person answering the call) as the owner of the phone (“the winner”). If, in Digicel’s sole opinion, the information given when Digicel placed the call to identify the winner is untrue, then Digicel reserves the right to have the prize returned to it by the purported owner and then to give the award to the rightful owner of the phone associated with the winning phone number selected.
  • The winner will also be announced on Digicel’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

14.  What if I was called but I missed the call?

  • In order to win any prize in this Promotion, you are required to speak with the Digicel representative.
  • If the call is unanswered then the attempt has failed. A failed attempt includes calls that are unanswered, calls that go to the voicemail or if the phone is turned off.
  • Two (2) attempts, within an hour, will be made to contact each customer that is chosen.
  • If all two (2) attempts fail, then another potential winner shall be selected.

15.  What if the network is unavailable when I try to play?

  • Digicel gives no warranty or guarantee that its network or services shall be continuous, or will be free from faults.  Digicel will, however, use its best endeavors to ensure its network and services are reasonably fault free, and that service is reasonably uninterrupted.

16.  If I was contacted and have won, how long do I have to collect my prize?

  • You are required to collect your prize within 30 days of being contacted.

17.  What do I need in order to claim a prize in this Promotion?

In order to claim a prize in this Promotion, you will be required to show the following:

  • A valid government issued photo ID; and
  • The SIM card that was used to participate in the Promotion.

18.  Can prepaid customers use bonus credit to qualify?

  • No. Bonus credit given out for the First Top Up of the Month promotion, the First Top Up of the Day promotion or any other promotion where free credit is given cannot be used to enter this Promotion

19.  As a postpaid mobile customer, how will I be charged for an entry?

  • As a Postpaid mobile customer, you will be charged on your next bill for all entries made.

20.  Where can a winner collect his/her prize?

  • A winner will be required to visit our Head Office at 11C Maraval Road, Port of Spain to collect his/her prize.

21.  Conditions of Use

  • This Promotion is open to all postpaid and prepaid mobile customers except when roaming and except Corporate customers (and those who are not eligible as they fall into one of the categories identified in the terms below.)

            To enter and be eligible to win:

  • You must be a legal resident of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago;
  • You must be 18 years of age or older;
  • You must be an active Digicel prepaid or postpaid mobile subscriber whose account is in good standing. You must own the phone to which the winning call was placed.

            The following terms apply to both Postpaid and Prepaid Mobile Customers:

  • Digicel will not notify participants of the number of entries obtained for this Promotion.
  • Persons in any of the following categories are NOT eligible to participate or win a prize:
    • Any person who at any time on or after 6th February, 2020 was or is a director, officer, employee, agent of Digicel (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited or any of their respective parent, subsidiary, or other affiliated companies, franchisees or service agencies or independent contractors
    • Individuals engaged in the development, production, advertising or distribution of materials for this Promotion (collectively the “Promotional Entities”); and
    • Persons who are or purport to be immediate family members (defined as biological parent, step-mother, step-father, sister, brother, daughter, son or dependent or spouse of any of the foregoing) of any person in any of the preceding categories, regardless of where they live, or who reside in the same household as any person in any of the preceding categories (i.e. who have lived in the same household for at least three (3) of the twelve (12) months preceding 6th February, 2020 whether those persons are related or not).

Conditions of Entry

  • Participants acknowledge that compliance with these Terms and Conditions including all eligibility requirements is a necessary pre-condition to a prize being awarded to them. For removal of all doubt, participants who have not complied with these Terms and Conditions are subject to disqualification.
  • A winner may be required to provide Digicel with proof that he/she is the authorized account holder/owner of the mobile number associated with the selected winning entry before the prize is given to him/her.
  • Digicel reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel, modify or suspend this Promotion at any time, if fraud, technical failures, including any network server or hardware failure, viruses, bugs, errors in programming, or any other errors or other causes beyond the control of Digicel corrupt the administration, security, integrity or proper conduct of this Promotion.
  • Digicel does not warrant that access to or use of the Digicel service will be uninterrupted or free of any of the events stated below, due to the nature of computer and wireless communications. Digicel and the Promotional Entities are not responsible for any problems that may arise, including but not limited to:
    • lost, interrupted, inaccessible or unavailable networks or other connection, availability or accessibility problems arising in connection with or over the course of this Promotion;
    • communications failed, jumbled, scrambled, delayed, or misdirected computer, telephone or cable transmissions or hardware or software malfunctions, failures or difficulties;
    • failure of personal computers and/or software and hardware configurations, any technical malfunctions, failures, or difficulties, printing errors, clerical, typographical or other error in the offering or announcement of a prize or in the prize  notification documents;
    • for any errors of any kind in connection with this Promotion, whether human, mechanical, clerical, electronic, or technical in nature; or
    • the incorrect or inaccurate capture of information, or the failure to capture any information in connection with the Promotion.
  • Any attempt by an entrant or other individual to deliberately undermine the legitimate operation of this Promotion, including but not limited to any fraudulent claims, may be a violation of criminal and/or civil laws in the countries where this Promotion is being run. Should such an attempt be made, Digicel reserves the right to seek remedies and damages from any such individual, to the fullest extent permitted by law, including criminal prosecution.
  • In no event will Digicel be liable for more than the prize available under these Terms and Conditions.
  • The prize may not be transferred.
  • In the event of any conflict with any promotional details contained in these Terms and Conditions and promotional details contained in point of sale, television and print, advertising, promotional packaging and other promotional media, (“Promotional Materials”), the details of this Promotion set forth in these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.
  • The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision. In the event that any provision is determined to be invalid or otherwise unenforceable or illegal, these Terms and Conditions shall otherwise remain in effect and shall be construed in accordance with their terms as if the invalid or illegal provision were not contained herein. Digicel employees are not authorized to waive, modify or amend any provision or provisions of these Terms and Conditions in any manner whatsoever.
  • All entrants agree to take part in any promotional, marketing or publicity activities or events reasonably requested by Digicel.  By participating in the Promotion, entrants consent to the use of their name, likeness, image, photograph for any and all programming and/or publicity or advertising purposes, commercial or otherwise, in all media and formats used by Digicel or its agencies, without further compensation, throughout the entire world in perpetuity. If the winner refuses to do so, they forfeit their right to claim the prize.
  • Digicel reserves the right to award any forfeited prize to another participant in the Promotion.
  • Save in the event of its negligence, neither Digicel, nor any other person or party associated with the Promotion, their associated companies, agents, contractors and sponsors or any of its personnel involved in the Promotion, shall be liable whatsoever for any loss or damage incurred or suffered, death or personal injury suffered or sustained, or costs incurred, arising from either participation in the Promotion or from claiming any prize.

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