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1. What is UTU Top Up?

UTU is a service that allows you to top up yourself and five (5) other friends or family members from anywhere, anytime using your mobile handset with payment from your First Citizens Bank Account.

2. How many top ups can I send?

You are allowed a total of 12 top ups and a total of TTD 3000.00 per day.

3. What is the default amount?

The default amount presently is TTD 20.00

4. How do I top up with more than the default amount?

Enter the letters TU and the amount you want to send e.g. 50, then send to 4888.

5. After my top up I get an SMS asking for access code # what numbers should I enter to verify my top up?

The numbers required are xx and xx number of the access code you entered when you registered for the system. Not your pin number.

6. I got a message saying my transaction failed due to (lack of funds/incorrect access code/unregistered phone #) what should I do?

If you receive a “Lack of Funds” error, please contact the First Citizens’ help desk.

If you receive an “Incorrect Access Code” error please enter only the specific digits requested.

If you receive an “Unregistered Phone” error the phone you are trying to top up is not registered on this system. Please visit the nearest First Citizens ATM with your First Citizens card to register the phone by choosing the top up option.

7. The amount I’m entering is not being accepted. Why is that?

Only dollar amounts in the range of $20 to $230 or $575 will be accepted. The system does not accept cents or amounts outside of the specified range. Should you wish to send more than the specified amounts you may send another top up to another mobile phone.

8. Can anyone access my bank account information?

No, your account information is strictly confidential and will not be accessible to anyone.

9. Can I get a list of top ups I have done this month?

Your transactions will also appear on your First Citizens statement.

10. What should I do if I forgot my access code?

Please visit the nearest First Citizens ATM. Enter your card and choose the Top Up option. There you will be allowed to enter a new access code. Your old access code will not be required for this process.

11. How do I change my access code?

To change your access code please visit the nearest First Citizens ATM with your First Citizens card and choose the top up option. Once this is done you will be guided to change your access code.


12. How do I register a buddy?

At any First Citizens ATM simply enter your First Citizens card and punch in your pin. The Top Up option appears in the bottom right corner of the screen. Once you choose this option you will be guided on how to register buddies for this service by simply entering their cellular phone numbers.

13. How many times can I change my buddies?

There is no limit on the number of buddy changes.

14. How do I send a top up to my buddy?

Enter the letters TU space then the buddy number. This sends a top up of the default amount of $20 to the specified buddy.

15. How do I send more than the default amount to a buddy?

Enter the letters TU space, the amount you want to send e.g. 50, space then the buddy number and send to 4888.

16. My buddy is now on the Postpaid system can I still top up this buddy?

No, this service applies only to Prepaid customers. You may delete this buddy and add another if you wish.

17. Why can’t I add another buddy?

You are allowed a maximum number of 5 buddies on the system. To add someone else to your buddy list, one will have to be deleted.

18. Why can’t I register a Postpaid phone as a buddy?

Presently this service is available only for prepaid customers.

19. I topped up the wrong buddy. Can I cancel this transaction?

If you have already forwarded the requested access code confirmation, the transaction cannot be cancelled.

If you have not already forwarded the requested access code confirmation, you should simply ignore the confirmation request. The transaction will then be cancelled. You may then try again. 

20. How do I delete a buddy?

Presently, your buddies are deleted by calling 800-4888 and making the request. The buddy will be deleted right away.

21. I’m the holder of the account why can’t I top up my Postpaid phone?

This service is only available to Prepaid phones.

22. What should I do if I lost my card? 

Please contact the First Citizens Help Desk for assistance.

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