Roaming Need to Know

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What is Roaming:-

Roaming is a convenient service that allows you to utilize most of the services provided by Digicel when travelling outside our geographical coverage area.... This allows you to use your Digicel handset anywhere in the world! Before you roam, we recommend you read the helpful tips below.

How do I activate the service?

· All Digicel prepaid and postpaid accounts are pre-provisioned for roaming. There is no need to contact customer care for activation.

*Value added promotions do not apply while roaming*

Prior to roaming is there anything that is recommended?

· Customer must have an active Digicel account

· Ensure handset  is compatible with the requirements of visiting country( preferred  quad band handset)

· Prepaid Digicel customers should Top-up the account before leaving, with sufficient credit.

*Bonus Credit and bundles cannot be used while roaming*

· Postpaid customers should request a temporary Credit Limit increase to avoid becoming Credit Limit Barred. Postpaid customers may have their service suspended if their usage exceeds their assigned credit limit.

Should a postpaid customer desire increasing  to a higher credit limit, the regular process for a Credit Limit increase will apply.

·  If a postpaid customer requires roaming to be deactivated, they can call into Customer Care to have the roaming service removed.

What do I do once I arrive in the visiting country?

  • Turn on the handset. Most handsets should automatically update to the strongest available network .If you are traveling to multiple destinations, you may need to turn your phone off and then turn it on again to recognize the new wireless network. We recommend that you always do a manual search for relevant roaming partners; please consult your phone manual for assistance if option not listed below:

Network Searching:

  • BlackBerry OS7 – Manage Connections; Networks and Connections; Mobile Network; Network Selection Mode; (After selecting a network if prompted with message “you will only have emergency service, continue?” please select ‘Yes’)
  • BlackBerry 10 OS – Settings; Network Connections; Mobile Network; Network Selection Mode

* BlackBerry customers must have a data package prior to roaming in order to data roam*

  • SAMSUNG  - Settings; More Settings; Mobile Network; Network Operators; Search Networks
  • WINDOWS - Settings; Cellular; Network Selection
  • IPHONE - Settings; Carrier; Turn Off

How do I receive a call/SMS while roaming?

· Receiving a call on a visited network will be the same as receiving a call on the home network.

  A party calling from your home country dials your seven digit number as usual and the call gets routed through your home network to the visited network. There are no extra charges incurred by the calling party.

· When a message is sent to you while roaming, it can be located in the inbox of the messages section of the handset.        

How do I make a call/send a message while roaming?

·  This procedure is slightly different from all numbers should be dialed using the international dialing format. For instance to call Trinidad and Tobago, +1868 must be placed before the seven digit number.

To send a message:

1.     Type the message from the handset's new message option.

2.     Select send and enter the recipient's number using the same international format as stated above.

Will there be a special way to check my balance while roaming?

· While roaming, when the need arises to complete a balance check, the following option is available:

  Simply press *120# and send as usual and you will be given a balance update on the screen of your phone.

What will happen if my prepaid balance is too low to make/receive a call?

·  If your balance is below the required amount for making a call and you try to call someone, the call will not go through, once you top-up again, you will regain the services of your phone.

·  If someone tries to call you while your balance is too low, the call will not be connected.

What will happen if I reach my postpaid credit limit and I attempt to make a call?

·  If you are credit limit barred and you try to call someone, the call will not be connected.

·  If someone tries to call you while you are credit limit barred, the call will not be connected.

·  Please note that network partners can submit chargeable calls up to 30 days after the call was made, therefore these charges may appear on your next invoice.

·  Remember, we are always adding new International Roaming Partners, so you should call Customer Care before you travel or check the Roaming Rates &        Partners Listings in this website to see if there are any new destinations.

Roaming Tips:


· Voicemail depositing and retrieval will incur charges

 Password must be set for voicemail retrieval prior to leaving  country – call Customer Care


· If in need of assistance there are a few things that we will like to know in order to efficiently assist in a timely manner

Where exactly are you:  with so many varying factors troubleshooting may be pin pointed to the specific area you are in at that time

Error message/Synopsis of issue: a brief detailed description goes a long way in solving issues as so many systems are involved to allow these services

Alternative contact


·         For smart phone customer that are able to use messaging services such as whatsapp or are able to browse, but are unable to send emails check the email settings to verify off peak/roaming setting is set to “push” email as well


·         Non-BlackBerry users ensure the Access Point Name (APN) that is configured on your handset is  “”

·         Ensure “Mobile Data” and “Data while Roaming” are both enabled/selected to use data abroad

·         Network Mode should be placed on Dual Mode or option with multiple network types (2G, 3G, 4G, GSM, WCDMA and/or LTE) and not a single mode.

·         3G roaming is based on the visited network and not your home network. (Roaming Partner must have 3G roaming available to visiting customers)

·         Turning off Mobile Data and turning it back on again to refresh your connection to a roaming partner’s data network can assist in times where data is sluggish.

How Do I Contact My Local Customer Care Representatives whilst roaming?


You can Contact us by calling 18552396867 TOLL FREE! (From a US or Canadian Mobile/Landline)


Call +18683999999 from any location via your handset

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