Number Portability FAQs

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Number Portability FAQs

1)      What is number portability?

Number Portability (NP) allows you to change service providers without having to change your telephone number. This means that now you can sign up to become a Digicel customer and still keep the mobile number that you are accustomed to and that your friends and family are familiar with.

2)      What are the benefits of number portability?

A major benefit is that there will be no need to advise friends, family, colleagues, customers and clients that your telephone number has changed. Businesses, in particular, will not incur the expense of changing their letterheads, business cards etc.


3)      What is “porting”?


“Porting” is the term used to describe the process by which you move your telephone number from one service provider to another.


4)      What modes of porting are permitted?

o   You can ONLY move your mobile telephone number from one mobile service provider to another.

o   You cannot move mobile telephone numbers to landline services and vice versa. Mobile telephone numbers will not be permitted to be ported to a fixed line telephone service provider and vice versa


5)      When will number portability begin?

Number portability will begin in Trinidad and Tobago on October 31st 2016 for all mobile telephone numbers (prepaid and postpaid)

6)      Will I be able to keep my mobile telephone number if I move to another country?

No. However, your ported mobile telephone number can roam in other countries where the service provider permits.



From the date of launch of number portability, all active mobile telephone numbers will be billed $1.00 per year whether or not you have decided to port your number.This is to cover the cost of having the option to port your telephone number should you decide to use it.  These charges will be applied to your account automatically by the mobile service providers in January and July of every year in two 0.50 cent debits. This is an agreed fee between all mobile service providers and the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago.   


1)      What will it cost to port my mobile telephone number?

There is no further charge to porting your mobile telephone number(s).

2)      Will there be ‘hidden’ costs/charges for porting your mobile telephone number?

There are no ‘hidden’costs or charges related to porting. However, before you are able to port you will be required to pay off any outstanding bills or contractual charges* that may be owing to your current provider before being able to port.

*Contractual charges may be incurred as a result of ending your contract prematurely with your current service provider. We recommend that you check with your current provider to confirm if there are any contractual charges if you would like to “port” your number to our network.

3)      Will Number Portability result in additional fees/charges for local calls made on network and between service provider networks?

The charges applicable to your service after porting your mobile telephone number will be based on the terms and conditions of the package you select with Digicel.

Charges may be completely different from those of your previous service provider,

4)      Will I incur any penalty costs for leaving a provider?

No. However, as previously stated where you have an existing contract, you will be required to settle in full any early termination charges. In addition, bills for usage up to the time of the port and unbilled roaming charges (if any) will be sent to you for payment. It is important to clear any outstanding balances with your previous provider before beginning the process to have your number ported.

How soon would my initial provider be required to rebate me, where necessary?

We suggest that you check the terms and conditions of your contract with your current service provider before porting your mobile number.

We recommend that Prepaid customers utilize all unused credit on prepaid accounts prior to porting as any unused credit on prepaid accounts will be lost once the telephone number is ported.

Eligibility to ‘Port’ Your Number

1)      Who will be eligible for number portability service?

Any prepaid or postpaid mobile registered customer whose number has not been barred or suspended from making outgoing calls.

2)      Can a service provider under any circumstances, deny me from porting my number?

You will be denied porting your telephone number for any of the following reasons:

o   Your number has been barred or suspended from making outgoing calls for non-payment or any other reason.

o   There are unpaid balances on your account.

o   Your contract has not yet expired.  You must pay off your contract before you request to port your number.


3)      Can I still be eligible to port my number if I have a disputed issue/ balance that I am unable to resolve with my current provider and I am actively trying to resolve the matter?

Yes. You may port your number providing it has not been barred or suspended from making outgoing calls. You may still remain liable to pay any outstanding balance due to that providerdepending on how the matter is resolved. 


Steps in the Porting Process

1)      How do I start the process?

If you would like to port to our network – please visit any Digicel Store or call into our Contact Centre at 399 – 9999.

2)      Do I need permission from my current service provider to switch to another provider?

No, you don’t need permission from your current provider but remember you do need to pay of all outstanding balances.

3)      Will I need to cancel my existing telephone service contract before switching to another provider?

No, that’s not necessary as when you sign your porting request form, you are automatically authorizing us to instruct the former provider to disconnect the service when the port takes place. If you have outstanding contractual charges, please pay these before you make the porting request as your porting request may be denied as a result.

4)      What happens once the process is initiated?

Your application is submitted to your current provider for approval. Whether you are a prepaid, postpaid, private or corporate customer, the process should take no more than three working days.


5)      What happens during the wait time?

You will be able to use your current provider’s service and you will be liable to pay for the usage of this service between the initiation of the port request and when the port is finalized.

Note: your current service provider will issue a bill for the usage on your postpaid account even though you have moved to a new service provider’s network. You are still liable to pay this bill.This is one of the conditions on the Porting form.

6)      Will I lose my voicemail messages when I port?

Yes. For further information on voice mail services you will be required to consult your new provider.

7)      Will I lose my text messages when I port?

Yes. For further information on SMS services you will be required to consult your new provider.

8)      Can I cancel my request to port my number?

Your porting request cannot be cancelled after porting request forms are completed, signed and submitted at the new service provider’s office. You may only port once every six (6) months.


Service Issues

1)      Can I switch back to my old service provider if I change my mind?

Not immediately. A ported mobile telephone number may not be ported (whether to your previous service provider or to any other service provider) for six months after the port has been completed.

2)      Can I switch back to my old service provider should I experience difficulty with my new service?

Yes. Quality of service issue(s) should be reported to your new service provider within five working days of your telephone number being switched over to their network.

Should the new service provider be unable to resolve these issues to your satisfaction within five working days of your report, a request can be made to the new service provider for an emergency port back to the original service provider.

After returning to your original service provider due to service issues you will be allowed to port again without having to wait the six month period.


3)      Is my former service provider allowed to try to dissuade me after I’ve decided to switch?

Your former service provider is only allowed to contact you to recover outstanding payments. Otherwise your former service provider is not permitted to contact you during the porting process and up to ninety (90) days following the completion of the porting process.


4)      Can a toll free number be ported?

No. Initially, local toll free telephone numbers will not be ported.

5)      Who do I contact if I have a problem with porting?

All communication concerning the porting process should happen ONLY between you and your new service provider.

6)      Where can I get more information about number portability?

For more information on how to port to Digicel please contact us at 399-9998.


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