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1. What is LTE?

  • LTE, also known as Long Term Evolution, was introduced in order to improve the mobile phone standard and to cope with the needs and demands of future networks as they evolve and expand to meet customers’ needs.

2. What are the advantages of LTE for customers?

  • They are many. The main ones being that LTE gives a superior user experience when it comes to stability, throughput, and latency. The increased capacity will bring new and better services to users through high-speed access anytime, anywhere. Users will be able to stream data, video, and VoIP from anywhere with no delay.

3. What is the benefit of LTE to Digicel?

  • It gives Digicel the ability to offer a world of benefits to customers. With LTE, we will be able to create new services and value-packed data plan options for customers. streams.
  • Plus, LTE works seamlessly with all our legacy networks: GPRS, 2G, and 3G.

4. What speed does LTE offer?

  • The Digicel LTE network is capable of offering speeds of up to 100 Mbps. However, the user experience could vary depending on the location and number of users accessing the network at any given time.

5. Does LTE replace our 4G network?

  • No, our EDGE and 4G networks will continue to provide mobile data access to customers. LTE will be largely available in major town centres across the country. This is an evolutionary step, as we continue to upgrade our network in order to meet our customers’ demands for more capacity and speed.

6. Are 2G and 4G technologies compatible with LTE?

  • The LTE standards we operate support seamless mobility with the existing GSM network.

7. How do I determine whether my device is LTE-compatible?

  • That’s easy. Check your device to ensure it can work on Digicel’s 700 MHz or 2100 MHz – Band 17 (please verify). Not sure how to find your phone’s frequencies? View your phone information (usually found in ‘Settings’) for the model number or do a Google search to get the correct frequency settings for that model.
  • After you have determined that device will work with the Digicel LTE frequency, you may need to upgrade to a USIM in order to receive the signal on your device. To check SIM compatibility, please dial XXX or visit your nearest Digicel store.

8. What if I have a non-LTE device, will I get high-speed mobile data as well?

  • You will continue to enjoy data at 4G speeds, dependent on your device capabilities. If you would like to get the Digicel LTE experience, please visit your nearest Digicel store for a range of LTE-compatible devices.

9. Which areas will have LTE coverage?

  • All major population areas and most of the remote parts of the country.

10. Were customers made aware that Digicel’s LTE expansion was ongoing?

  • Communication about the ongoing work is constantly being shared via our social media pages, on radio shows and via updates in the press.

11. Your neighbor gets LTE on his phone but you do not. What would cause that?

  • The first consideration is the type of handset that you have. Is it LTE compatible? Secondly, the settings on the compatible handset must be configured correctly in order to access LTE.  Thirdly, you may also need to upgrade your SIM to a USIM in order to connect to LTE signals.

12. What will the expansion offer persons who already have LTE in their neighborhood?

  • Simply put, the expansion will ensure that the benefits of LTE which are enjoyed at home, will be available wherever you go across the island. Our new network will also deliver expanded coverage, greater reliability and superior availability

13. Will there be any difference in the time it takes to download a movie since you have LTE?

  • Definitely. Digicel LTE is 10 times faster than existing 4G technology. With faster speeds and ultra-low latency, our LTE will ultimately deliver and enhance experiences like using multiple apps, streaming, experiencing virtual reality, using wearable fitness trackers, powering your smart home and other devices, watching videos in 4K and more.

14.Why is  Digicel expanding its LTE network?

  • The objective is to deliver the amazing network experience promised as part of our 2030 strategy, so that all of our customers will enjoy the benefits of 4G LTE wherever they are on the island.
  • The Digicel LTE network will also enable a new generation of Internet of Things applications that can power the creation of smart homes and smart cities in T&T.


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