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What is Facebook Zero? 
· Facebook Zero is a text based version of facebook (how you would see pages when you WAP browse on your handset).

· Instead of seeing colors or pictures as you would on a computer or while internet browsing, you would only see basic information that’s in black and white (strictly text based)


 How does it work?

· Access your browser from your handset and enter 0.facebook.com or zero.facebook.com

· Once you click on any other section – apart from home page- on 0.facebook.com or zero.facebook.com data charges will apply.

· You will get a message advising you of any charges before you connect to the chargeable page


What features do I have with Facebook zero?

· You Can:

1) Update your status

2) Send messages

3) Search Facebook (e.g. for friends)

4) Get friends mobile numbers

5) Check on events

6) Write on friends walls

7) Add new friends

8) Select to view albums or photos BROWSING RATES WILL APPLY.


How can I determine if I’m on the facebook free access site?

Using zero.facebook.com- Homepage is free, however to navigate regular browsing rates will apply

Is there a cost attached to use this service?

- No, Facebook 0 is a free service, however if you were to navigate away from the free homepage regular browsing rates will apply.


What would be the cost if I were to access the chargeable pages? 

WEB - per kb

0.02 (Vat incl.)

0.017 (Vat Excl.)

WAP - per kb




Do I need a mobile device that supports the internet to use the service?

· Yes, you need to have a mobile device that can access the Internet in order to use this service.


Can I upload a photo from my phone directly to my Facebook account using Facebook zero?

· Yes, you can upload a photo to your profile, however browsing rates will apply. See rates in table above.


What if there are upgrades being done to the system, will I have access to the site? 
· No, once upgrades are being done to the site or our WAP site, you will not be able to use zero.facebook.com


Can a postpaid customer use the service? 
· If you are a prepaid customer credit will be deducted from your account (if you navigate away from the free homepage). And  If you are a postpaid customer you will be billed for the service (if you navigate away from the free homepage).


Can a Corporate or Affinity customer use this service?

· Yes, this plan is available to both Corporate and Affinity customers.

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