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1. What is DigiINFO Alerts?

DigiINFO Alerts provides you with the ability to sign up to receive a selected DigiINFO SMS service each day. For example, with Digi INFO MT services you can automatically receive their daily horoscope for a specific sign. 

2. How do I register for the service?

You will have the option to either register to get daily updates on the service of your choice. To register, you must text “LIST” to 4636.

After sending LIST to 4636 you will receive a message stating the various info services that you can sign up to receive Daily Updates.

3. Can I register only via Text?

No, you can also do registrations over my Digi Info app available on the Play Store.

4. How much does this service cost?

Sending requests to subscribe for a DigiINFO Alerts service is FREE.

Receipt of messages are charged at TTD 0.65 for each subscription INFO alert received.

Charges are based per subscription, NOT per message received. 

5. If I don’t have TTD 0.65 on my account, will I still receive the InfoAlerts?

If you do not have enough credit on your account for a Digi Info alert to be received, a system check will be made to see what your balance is. If your balance is above TTD 0.35, this amount will be deducted and they will still receive the content.

6. Would I be charged for sending a registration code for the DigiINFO Alerts service?

No. Registering for DigiINFO is FREE.

7. How can I stop my subscription to DigiINFO Alerts?

Regardless of the method used to register, you can also un-register using the appropriate keyword(s) by sending a text to 4636.

Example: To Un-Subscribe to Daily News text XNEWS to 4636(INFO). Cost to unsubscribe is 65 cents per message.

8. Does a Digi INFO subscription expire?

Subscriptions do not expire automatically. Messages will be delivered to your handset for each subscription until you choose to end your subscription by sending the appropriate code to 4636 (INFO).

9. What content can customers subscribe to?

The list below provides the content available for DigiINFO Alerts, as well as the appropriate subscription removal codes.

10. Can I leave feedback on this product?

Type ” fbk” space then comments and text to 4636.

Each feedback meassage can only be a maximum of 320 characters inclusive of “fbk”.

You will not be charged to send your feedback to our DigiINFO service.

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