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d'Music FAQs


1.      What is Digicel’s d’Music App?


 d’Music is Digicel’s NEW music app which is being launched exclusively to Digicel customers. This cool mobile music app allows customers to listen to and download over 30 million tracks from all genres of music:


·         Latest local and international content from your favourite artiste

·         100% Ad Free

·         Allows track download (offline mode)

·         Available on Wi-Fi


There are two subscriptions from which the customer could choose:


·         Top 40 subscription

·         Premium subscription



2.      How do I download the d’Music app?


Android users, select the link below to download the app from Google Play Store:


iPhone users,


Users on a Premium plan can also access from any browser (computer, tablet, mobile phone) at



3.      How do I get a subscription to d’Music?

You can get a subscription to d’Music by doing the following:

•      You can purchase a 7 day Pick Data + Talk plan and get a FREE Top 40 Subscription for the duration of that plan

•      You can purchase a 30 day Pick Data + Talk plan and get a FREE Top 40 Subscription for the duration of that plan

•      You can purchase one of our ALL NEW postpaid plans and get a FREE Premium subscription to d’Music

•      You can buy the standalone d’Music Premium Subscription for $65 by dialing *323# or by going to the My Digicel app


4.      Once I buy a Quick Pick Data + Talk 7 day or 30 day, how do I get started?


•      Download the d’Music app from the Google play store or the iOS store.

•      Once a NEW Postpaid Plan or Quick Pick Data + Talk 7 or 30 day Plan goes active, the d’Music Top 40 subscription plan will go active for FREE.

•      As long as the plan is active the customer will get FREE subscription to d’Music

•       Top 40 d’Music usage WILL deplete from the plan’s data bundle, if no data is available the plan will PAYG data



5.      What is included in each of the d’Music subscriptions?


• d’Music Top 40 Subscription


ü  Full Access to 345 Songs in 6 playlist per week

ü  You can stream or download offline any of the songs from the selected playlist!

ü  You can have a 30s preview of every song before choosing a playlist

ü  Users will be able to change selected playlist once every 7 days

ü  Access Top 5 Music Videos in streaming

ü  News Feed


d’Music Premium subscription


ü  All access to an unlimited amount of playlists

ü  Unlimited access to Create your own playlists

ü  Stream or download offline all the music you want!

ü  Multiple account access from any browser (computer, tablet, mobile phone) at

ü  Search results by track



6.      Is there a charge to download the d’Music App?


No. It is free to download the d’Music App.

It is recommended that the device being used has an active data or Wi-Fi connection in order to access the services of the App.



7.      Are there any charges associated with the use of the App?


Yes. Data will be charged from your active data plan to access the app once on the mobile network.


ü  If you have an active plan with no data available, the PAYG charge of $1/MB (Vat Inc) will be charged to access app.

ü  If you do not have an active plan, you will be charged the PAYG rate of $1/MB (Vat Inc) to access App.



8.      Will I receive bundles dedicated to accessing the d’Music service?

·         Data will be charged from your bundles and PAYG will be applied if you have no bundles to access the d’Music service. The service can also be used on WiFi.


9.      Will I be able to access downloaded contents without internet access on the device?


Yes. All downloaded content will be available in offline mode when there is no internet access on the device being used with the d’Music App.


10.  Do I receive a confirmation message when I subscribe for the d’Music plan?


Upon successfully subscribing to a d’Music plan you will receive a message as seen below.


11.  Will I be able to change my subscription?

·         Yes Top 40 Subscribers can upgrade their subscription to a Premium subscription for $65. This will give you a 30 day subscription to the d’Music app


12.  How long will my subscription be active on my account?


The subscription will be active on the account for the duration of your Quick Pick 7 day or 30 day Data + Talk plan.



13.  Will I be able to get the d’Music plan auto-renewed?


Yes. The plan will be renewed automatically with the renewal of your Quick Pick 7 day or 30 day Data + Talk plan.




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