Bring Your Own Device FAQ

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1. What is Bring Your Own Device (“BYOD”)?

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) service offered by Digicel allows you to activate one of Digicel’s Postpaid plans or one of Digicel’s 4G Smart Plans without agreeing to a minimum service period (i.e. no contract period). 

2. How do customers qualify for a Bring Your Own Device plan?

You must be considered ‘Prepaid Digicel 4G Smartphones and grey market’. Meaning that your device cannot be one that was purchased at a Digicel dealer store. Any device sold by Digicel is not eligible for this plan. This plan is only for devices that were not sold by Digicel. 

3. If Digicel sells a device model, but a customer has purchased the same model elsewhere (online, 3rd party retailer, etc.) will the customer be able to put their device on a BYOD plan? For instance, Digicel sells the Samsung Galaxy S5. Will a customer who purchases a Samsung Galaxy S5 from Amazon be eligible for this plan?

Yes you will be eligible as long as the individual device was not purchased at a Digicel outlet.

4. If Digicel does not sell a device, for instance, the iPhone 5S, and the customer purchases an iPhone 5S from Amazon, will the customer be eligible for the BYOD plans?

Yes you will be eligible as long as the individual device was not purchased at a Digicel outlet.



5. Will customers be allowed to downgrade their plan?

You can terminate/downgrade your plan without incurring any penalties at any time you chose.

6. Can customer’s benefit from a handset upgrade within a year even though the initial device was not purchased with Digicel?

Yes – you can benefit from the handset upgrade option once you qualify in accordance with Digicel’s criteria. 

7. Are customers required to pay a security deposit upon activating this Postpaid account?

No – you will not be required to pay a Security Deposit in order to activate the postpaid plan of your choice.

8. Would customers be required to activate a specific postpaid plan to take advantage of this offer?

You can choose from all available postpaid plans to take advantage of this offer. 

9. Will customers be required to pay for the SIM Card? 

No – you will receive the SIM Card for free when signing up for this service. 

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Bring Your Own Device FAQ