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Mobile Bill Pay FAQS



What is Digicel’s Mobile Bill Pay Application?

    • Digicel’s Mobile Bill Pay Application (“the App”) is an easy and convenient way for Digicel postpaid customers to pay their bill from anywhere on their mobile device.
    • Customer who download the App will be able to:

ü  Pay their Digicel postpaid bill

ü  View their payment history

ü  Manage different postpaid accounts


Who is this App available to?

·         The App is available to customers with Android devices operating system version 2.3 or higher..

·         To confirm the compatibility of the App customers can check the Google Play Store.


How can customers download the App?

·         Customers can access the App by visiting the Google Play Store on their mobile device. Once logged into the Play Store customers can simply type in “Digicel Mobile Bill Pay App.”

·         From there the customer will be directed to the App where they can simply press “Install.”

·         Once the customer has selected the “Install” option they will be prompted to click on “Download” then “Accept and Download” to install the App on their device.


What are the requirements for the customer to be able to register and access the App?

·         Customers would first need to register their account on Digicel’s online Bill Pay website.

·         Customers can visit to register their postpaid account.

·         Upon accessing the App, the customer would see the below screen. They would then be prompted to login.

·         Once the customer logs in the option tabs will become available

·         The customer will then need to add their mobile number under the “Manage Phones” tab

·         Once the customer has successfully added their number they will be required to validate the number with the validation code received in their email.

·         Once the number is successfully validated the customer will be able to access their payment history under the “Payment History” tab of the App.

·          Customers will be able to make payments towards their account under the “Make Payment Tab”

·          Customers will also see the below screens when attempting to access these tabs.

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